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How To Layer Jewelry Like a Pro

How To Layer Jewelry Like a Pro



While fashion trends come and go, others come to stay and become iconic parts of the way we dress and represent ourselves. Some historical examples of timeless pieces are the little black dress, well-worn denim, and the Rayban Wayfarer. While those all represent clothing items, when it comes to jewelry, you may think of simple diamond studs, the halo engagement ring, or gold necklaces for women and men alike.


Nothing like a beautiful gold chain makes such a simple yet impactful statement on virtually everyone, regardless of gender, age, or style. But, what if, like so many fashion icons, you want to layer your jewelry yet find yourself irritated with the tangling or unsure about proportions? If you're ready to layer your jewelry like a pro, keep reading, and we're not limiting it just to necklaces. 



If you're looking to layer and stack your rings but are unsure how to perfect this craft – and yes, there is an art to it – we've got you covered. Stacking rings work best when you're working with thinner bands. While you can have a wide statement band, keep the stacked bands thin. Mixing metals is great with this trend, silver on top of gold is a vibe we're all here for. To avoid looking like a tween who just spent all their allowance on cheap jewelry, make a statement on one finger per hand. Don't stack them if you want to add additional rings to other fingers. 



Layering necklaces perhaps takes more work and a delicate hand than other jewelry. Cutting to the chase, if you struggle or get frustrated with necklaces intertwining, there are clasps you can add to your necklaces that allow you to attach each necklace to one clasp, and some people find this easier. Another aspect of layering necklaces worth noting is to let one necklace make the statement through either a large charm or brighter colors and have the other necklaces compliment that statement.


Thin layering chains are easy to come by as this layering trend is showing serious staying power. Investing in several high-quality golds or sterling silver chains in different widths or styles from Figaro chains to curb is worth it. Lastly, take off all but one necklace each night at bedtime, so you don't wake with a frustratingly jumbled mess around your neck!



Layering your earrings is better known as having multiple piercings that you wear an earring in at the same time. In addition to lobes, popular places to get pierced around your ears are the tragus, the cartilage of your ear, and conch piercings. While the non-lobe piercings will likely have the jewelry you don't take off, it's still smart to wear complimenting styles. Keep gold with gold and silver with silver.


Ears are a romantic part of the body and help frame your face. By keeping your earrings in the same vein and aesthetic through jewelry, you maintain their delicate appearance. If you want to incorporate hoops into your earring layering, it's best to wear them on the lowest piercing hole in your lobe and if you wear them higher, opt for a huggie style that clings to the side of the lobe and doesn't dangle.



We've all had an aunt, a coworker, or a friend who you could hear from a mile away because of their bracelets jingling. Many people love the feeling of stacking bracelets, whether you find it charming or irritating. Bracelets are a fun add-on to jewelry because they're typically taken off at the end of the day. If you wear something you don't take off, it's likely a tennis bracelet or another high-end piece you can trust not to fall off.


The key to layering bracelets is simple – have fun! There are no rules with layering them, no matter their color, texture, or style. Of course, if they're all metal, you may be like the aforementioned and unable to sneak up on anyone, but who cares? You look effortlessly cool!


Layering jewelry is a fashion trend that isn't going anywhere. We live in a society where more is more, and even the most minimalist wardrobe incorporates jewelry. Make sure you're layered like a pro by using the above-mentioned tips.


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