What is the best means of transportation to move about on your tour of Australia?
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What is the best means of transportation to move about on your tour of Australia?

What is the best means of transportation to move about on your tour of Australia?What is the best means of transportation to move about on your tour of Australia?

No doubt, Australia is a big city. No matter the means of transportation you use during your tour, you cannot tour Australia in one week. However, some means of traveling on your Australian tour affords you more opportunities to feel the pulse of the city.

Recommending a travel bus tour, train, or taxi during your visit to Australia will depend on where you want to tour. For instance, in the city, a tour bus seems to be the most preferred means of transportation while a tourist is in Australia.

Australian Travel: Why tourists prefer these means of transportation

From studies of Australian tourism, it has been discovered that tourists coming into the country prefer a certain kind of transportation. However, below are the available means of transportation commonly used by tourists in Australia.


The bus network in Australia is amazing and their cities are accessible via bus. Each region of the state has its bus company and the routes they ply. Usually, if you prefer to visit another state in Australia, you can use a bus. Bus travel in Australia is not just cheaper but you view the city's landmass.

An average bus journey in Australia cannot be more than $100. Also, booking your bus ticket on time would reduce the cost. Nevertheless, a bus trip from Sydney to Melbourne can take up to 12 hours. Buses take a longer time to move from one city to another but they are good at touring the city center. Sydney and Melbourne are some of the best cities to visit in Australia with good bus networks.


Unfortunately, a lot of tourists may not consider train travel through the cities of Australia. Undoubtedly, train travels are longer and take more time than buses. However, to truly experience Australian culture, use the subway.

Australian trains are spacious and more comfortable than traveling on a bus. To get a firsthand view of the rural areas in Australia, train travel would be better. More so, the train fare in Australia is far cheaper than buses or any other means of traveling in the country. The routes covered by trains in Australia are quite a few compared to buses.

Car or Van Rental

Since Australia is a big country, it is very difficult to cover everywhere with public transport. Renting a car or a van would be fun if you want to travel through some routes that public transportation doesn’t use. However, while renting a car in Australia, go for an SUV with a 4WD. That way, maneuvering through some rough parts will be easier.

You can share the cost of renting a car with your co-travelers to reduce the cost. No doubt, a car hire will be fun because you can go to any part of Australia without interruption and at your own time.

Suppose you're from a different country and want to drive in Australia. In that case, you must secure an international driver's license online. Alternatively, you can get an international driving permit (IDP) from one of the motoring organizations in your home country. If you're hiring a car, you'll need to present your IDP and your regular driver's license when you pick up the rental vehicle. While you can drive on your foreign license for a set period after arriving in Australia, having an IDP will make driving in Australia much easier.

A ferry is also a good way to view the coastal cities in Australia. The means of travel you opt for is often determined by your finances and where you intend to visit. Finally, add Canada to your travel tour too. Toronto, British Columbia, among others are some most cities to visit in Canada with any of the transportation highlighted here.

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