Everything You Need To Know About Face Oil And Moisturizers

Everything You Need To Know About Face Oil And Moisturizers

Everything You Need To Know About Face Oil And Moisturizers

Everything You Need To Know About Face Oil And Moisturizers

Face oils are designed to be used in the same way as moisturizers. They are applied to the skin after you’ve cleaned it and can provide an array of benefits. Because they are used in a similar way to moisturizers, it is easy to assume the two products are the same and interchangeable. That is not the case.

Before you discover the differences between a face oil and moisturizers it is important to remember that high-quality products, such as those in the Dermalogica range, are always preferable. Using the right product goes a long way to ensuring you get the desired result from your lotions and oils.

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Moisturizing the Skin

Your skin is moisturized in several different ways:


A humectant is designed to draw moisture from deep in your skin and bring it to the surface cells. This promotes healthy skin and gives your skin that natural glow. A good example of a humectant is hyaluronic acid.


The occlusive is often chosen by people with dry skin. Instead of attracting moisture or adding it, these products are designed to lock any existing moisture into your skin, helping it to stay healthy.


Emollients are full of moisture and, when applied to your skin, will add moisture directly to the top layer of the skin. Again, this promotes healthy-looking skin.

Face Oils

There are many different types of face oils on the market and the good news is you can use more than one of them at a time. The majority of face oils are occlusive. They won’t add moisture to your skin but they will ensure any moisture you have remains locked in.

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Different types of oil worth trying


Sunflower oil creates an excellent barrier for your skin, stopping moisture from escaping while preventing your pores from clogging and even softening your skin.

Lavender oil

Lavender oil is great at locking moisture in but it is also known to be effective at reducing the appearance of dark spots. It can even help to balance skin tones. Lavender oil smells good and protects your skin from environmental pollutants.

Grapeseed Oil

Grapeseed oil does help to retain moisture but it will also help to hydrate your skin while removing dirt and even unwanted natural oils. It can help to dry oily skin and make it look and feel completely different.

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Face oils are best used several times a week, moisturizers add moisture to your skin and can be used every day. It’s best to choose a moisturizer with vitamin E, this helps to lock moisture in. Moisturizers often include hyaluronic acid like the Colorpop Tinted Moisturizer, this is to help encourage the movement of moisture in your skin and ensure it is well protected, even in the coldest weather.

Of course, it should also be noted that moisturizers can have built-in sun protection, that’s a useful extra. Moisturizers and face oils have their place in your beauty routine. But, remember, moisturizers can and should be used daily, oils shouldn’t.

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