What is Beauty Sleep?
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What is Beauty Sleep?

What is Beauty Sleep?

What is the beauty sleep meaning? Everyone knows that their skin, eyes, and overall appearance can decline when they don't sleep well. Repeated nights of bad sleep contribute to dry, dull skin and puffy eyes, but if you change a few things you can improve your chances of a better night's sleep. Improving your skin while you sleep is possible after a couple of easy changes, and it is exactly the reason why the phrase,  “beauty sleep” was coined. Try these quick and easy ways to improve the appearance of your skin with hardly any effort, and a better night's sleep. We hope that his What is beauty Sleep post inspires you. 

The Sleep Foundation says, “Consistent quality sleep offers numerous health benefits. A night of rest leaves the body feeling refreshed and energized and can positively impact a person’s mood. Another widely believed benefit is that sleep contributes to a person’s attractiveness or beauty.”

What is Beauty Sleep?

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Embrace a Schedule

Our bodies rely on our internal circadian rhythm to ensure that we get the rest and energy that we need, so you should always do your best to embrace a schedule. Try going to bed and waking up at the same time every day so that your body is in the habit of starting its natural self-healing and revitalizing processes.

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Dine Early and Remain Active

Our bodies use up a lot of energy to digest the food that we have eaten, and because of this, we are rarely able to sleep soundly when we have a full stomach. Make sure you dine four to five hours before you are accustomed to going to bed and then continue to stay active for the following two hours. Exercise helps our bodies sweat out toxins and this will help improve the condition of our skin while we sleep.

What is Beauty Sleep?

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Find the Right Pillow

Something as simple as changing the pillow we use can increase the time we spend in slumber by one to two hours. This time is added to the beginning of our sleep cycle by helping us fall asleep faster and in the immediate hours after, allowing us to remain asleep. The shape of your pillow should match the position you are accustomed to sleeping in so that it fully supports your head and neck. The extra hours leave you feeling and looking better.

Sleep Easy Have a Good Rest

Most Importantly, Sleep

So now that you have made these changes to the way you sleep, and what you do or don’t do before bed, make sure that you leave yourself plenty of time to get all the sleep that you can. Our bodies require sleep for so many reasons, not only do our brains rely on the rest to revitalize our brain cells, but our body also renews our skin and replaces dead skin cells with new ones during the sleep cycle.

What is Beauty Sleep?

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What is Beauty Sleep Meaning?

We hope that this What is Beauty Sleep post inspires you. Happy sleeping!

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