What Constitutes a 'Modern' Dining Room in 2022?

What Constitutes a ‘Modern’ Dining Room in 2022?

What Constitutes a ‘Modern' Dining Room in 2022?

If you’re looking at your dining room and thinking that it needs a bit of a revamp, you might be a little stuck as to where to start. Compared to other rooms in the house, the dining table doesn’t allow for much room to experiment. The room is dedicated to one big piece of furniture and purpose. So, what are the best dining room trends in 2022? Find out here.


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It has become, not even common anymore, but almost a necessity to have multiple purposes to your furniture. We’ve got too much stuff in too small spaces, so the most common addition is usually storage. You have beds built on a nest of drawers, hollow ottomans coming back into style, coffee tables that have a built in mini-fridge, and more.

As for dining tables, legs are out and hidden storage in the back of the table is in. What’s also in is expandable dining tables. Pull it out like a blossoming flower when guests arrive and keep a smaller folded away table for the everyday. If you take a look at these Price Busters dining room sets, you will find a massive range of furniture that will not only offer seating arrangements, but also storage and expanding tables.

Comfortable seating

We’re over breaking our backs and crushing our tailbones in dining seating. Let’s face it, on a good night we spend far too much time at the dining table chatting and drinking and before we know it we can’t feel anything in our legs.

And with the introduction of working from home causing a lot of us to use our dining rooms as a home office, it’s become more of a necessity than a nicety to have comfortable seating around the dinner table. So, that could be squishy upholstery or more structured back support, and lots of other options.

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Oversized lighting

A hanging light over the dining table is nothing new, but it really was epitomized this year. Large chandeliers, bare bulbs, and everything in between was dangling over our immaculately decorated table and immaculately cooked food.

Oversized lighting might seem counterproductive since we’re talking about a room that benefits from mood lighting, but just because it’s big doesn’t mean it has to be bright. You can get some smart LED plugs that come with a dimmer for some ambiance and still indulge in the most extravagant or simple lighting options you fancy.

A cozy nook

If you have a bit of space in your dining room or kitchen, you can always add a couple of squishy chairs and a side table to create a cozy nook to sit in. Imagine drinking your freshly brewed coffee with the newspaper by the window for a relaxing morning routine. It’s a great way to use space that doesn’t involve yet another storage unit.

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