Technology and the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator
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Technology and the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

Technology and the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator #Prep4theHolidays

Technology and the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator #Prep4theHolidays

There is nothing that I value more than time spent with my family. Ever since I was a child this has been true about my character. I truly value my family and the time we spend together above all else because when it comes down to it if you don't have family you might as well have nothing. More often we can be found clustered around the dining room table indulging in a rousing game of cards or in the living room gathered around the television for family movie night. Other activities include park days, beach trips, etc. but I've noticed that we spend a lot of time around the kitchen table together. We hope that you enjoy our Technology and the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator #Prep4theHolidays post.

It's no accident that our nights spent at our old kitchen table as a family are often aided by about a dozen trips to our refrigerator for snacks and drinks. In fact, it's amazing how much of our family time together revolves around our refrigerator. We aren't gluttons by any means but have you ever just stopped and thought about how often your family journeys to the fridge during your family get together's? Especially on holidays; I can't tell you how often my family is in and out of the fridge looking for ingredients or placing cold dishes inside while we wait for our main meal. The refrigerator has an uncanny way of bringing us together as a family.

Technology and the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator #Prep4theHolidaysThe Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator is the latest in kitchen appliance technology. It allows you to manage your your food and family communications as well as get information and entertainment. This is all done using its wi-fi capabilities so you can connect seamlessly and enjoy all of the features the Family Hub has to offer. Like your old refridgerator, the Samsung Family Hub fridge will truly become the hub of your home but with a ton of extra bells and whistles that everyone will enjoy utilizing.

Features of the Samsung Family Hub include:

        • 3 built in camera's allows you to take pictures of the inside of your refrigerator every time the door closes. These images are directly accessibly via your smartphone while being able to manage your groceries with Mastercard and identify foods that you have or need and track important expiration dates.
        • It doesn't get more family friendly than this particular model. Your family members can share photos, calendars and notes directly on the Family Hub or via their smart devices such as phones, tablets, etc. All communications are done via the 21.5″ HD LCD resolution screen on the exterior door. The Family Hub allows your family to post, share, write notes, display art and more.
        • Stream music. My family loves listening to music during family nights. The Family Hub features a full Entertainment Center that allows you to stream music from programs like iTunes and Pandora.

For generations families have been gathering around the kitchen to share their meals together and to enjoy in one another's company. In recently years the hub of the home has been the refrigerator, which has kept families close, so it's no surprise that technology has evolved to make the experiences even more special. The Samsung Family Hub is a testament that that and I couldn't recommend a better appliance if you're in the market for a new one this year. We hope that you enjoyed our Technology and the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator #Prep4theHolidays post.

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