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Learn More About The Frigidaire My Motherload Index

The Frigidaire Index

Mom's dirty secret is out. Our newly-released Frigidaire Motherload Index reveals that moms are logging more overtime than most Americans. And most of them average just one full day of free time each month!

So Frigidaire asked mom's how much time they spend doing various activities. Here are the results:

Frigidaire My Motherload

Washing Dishes vs. Showering?
Moms spend 28 hour per month washing dishes compared to 7 hours a month showering. That's 4 times more time spent on doing dishes!

Lifting out Stains vs. Lifting Weights?
Moms spend an average of 18 hours a month doing laundry vs. just 9 hours a month exercising. That's twice as much laundry lugging than weight lifting!

Making Meals vs. Making Out?

Moms spend 4 times as much time prepping meals than cuddling with her spouse. That's an average of 52 hours a month on meal prep vs. just 12 hours a month cuddling! [Special  Note from the Divine Miss Mommy: Who the heck makes out with their spouse for 12 hours a month? You go lady!]

Shopping for Supper vs. Shopping for Shoes?
When it comes to shopping, moms are spending 3 times more time at the grocery store than at the department store! That's 12 hours a month at the market vs. just 4 hours of personal shopping.

Getting kids out the door vs. Downtime with kids?
When it comes to spending time with the kids, moms are spending more time getting them out the door than anything else! That's right, moms spend an average of 7 more hours a month prepping kids than playing with them.

Caring for Pets vs. Conversing with Partner?
Believe it or not, spouses and pets are getting nearly equal “petting” time…about 20 hours a month.

The Frigidaire Motherload Index is based on an online consumer index fielded nationwide to 1170 US females, ages 25 – 50, who are married and have 2+ children in the household by NPD.

Frigidaire Test Drive ButtonI am a Frigidaire Test Drive Mom and a long time Frigidaire customer.

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  1. Those statistics are eye-opening. Now we just need a way to get them in front of the eyeballs of the men of America!

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