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Wedding Trends for 2022

Wedding Trends for 2022

Wedding Trends for 2022

Each year, the wedding industry emerges with new trends that create a look and feel all of their own. Dresses transform into new designs, new colors come onto the scene, along with new styles for bridesmaids and groomsmen. Additionally, flowers, makeup, jewelry, centerpieces, and even shoes get a little upgrade. While some items are timeless, others look the part of the year they were introduced. At one point all you could see were ballgowns and then mermaid-style gowns became the thing. Now with backyard weddings and more intimate gatherings trending, all of the styles are changing as well. Here are some of the top wedding trends for 2022.

Rose Gold Jewelry

If you haven’t gotten the memo, this year, you’ll want to look at all the beautiful options available in rose gold. You’ll find rose gold engagement rings, necklaces, earrings, and even tiaras with this pretty, pink-colored gold. It pairs beautifully with blush pink and other subdued colors. Rose gold has been popular in the United States since the early 1920s, but it’s been around since the late 1800s. As more vintage styles have come back in popularity, rose gold is becoming easier to find in jewelry stores.

Better Use of Technology

Brides and grooms are now able to invite more people to their wedding using technology. The ability to Livestream a service means that no one needs to miss the big day. Another way that couples are using technology is to find and book wedding services all in one location. This is reducing the time and stress of planning a big event and simplifies the process. Some couples love technology so much that they even create a social media hashtag for their guests to put on their photos online. This helps them easily consolidate all the pictures that everyone takes of the wedding.

Sustainable Weddings

So much that goes into a wedding gets thrown away at the end. More couples are concerned about how their wedding impacts the environment. Some will rent wedding clothes instead of buying them. Others will use vendors with sustainable business practices. When they use floral arrangements, they think more about potted plants and less about cut flowers. All of these habits work together to help them create a sustainable event. They even use paper napkins that will get washed and reused instead of paper ones.

Elegant Backyard Weddings

Thanks to the glamping trends, more couples are able to see what’s possible for an elegant backyard wedding. It doesn’t need to be a casual BBQ when it’s at a home. Instead, using lights, flowers, fabric, and other décor, they can create elegant backyard weddings that are ethereal. Intimate weddings with close friends and family are perfect in this type of venue. You can even have fun backyard games to help entertain guests. Instead of just a loud DJ with the most popular music, these weddings have more of an afternoon tea kind of feel.

Floral Print Wedding Dresses

White is the standard color of dress for weddings. This trend has been changing over the years. First with ball gowns in other colors. And now, with bright colored floral prints. Some white dresses are accented with pretty flowers, while others consume the dress. These floral prints look amazing on silk dresses, embroidered onto veils and trains, and so much more. With the bride stepping out in bright colors, their bridesmaids are the ones now wearing solid color dresses.

Wedding Day Paintings

Hiring a wedding photographer and videographer is still critical for couples. However, a new trend emerging is reminiscent of an era long past. The era of painted portraits and grandiose halls. What if you could get a painting of you and your new spouse on your wedding day that was truly one of a kind? Couples are now hiring portrait artists to paint pictures of them. The key here is that while it does take some time, these artists need to be able to move a little quickly because unlike in the Renaissance, they won’t want to stand for hours and hours waiting for the painter to complete his or her work.

As technology, styles, and popular colors change, wedding trends will always be on the move. This year it’s rose gold jewelry and floral print wedding dresses, but who knows what the coming years will bring.

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