COVID-Friendly Wedding Ideas
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COVID-Friendly Wedding Ideas

COVID-Friendly Wedding Ideas

You’ve been engaged for some time now, and you’re ready to get hitched. The only problem is the COVID-19 pandemic. While most businesses in the wedding industry are available again, you’re still concerned with everyone’s health and safety. With new strains out there and vaccines months away from being open to the general public, you’re not sure if it’s wise to gather together – even if it is for love. We hope that this COVID-Friendly Wedding Ideas post inspires you. 

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You’re not the only couple experiencing this dilemma. While some couples decided to wait until things had died down, others proceeded to celebrate their love despite the global health crisis. With the right technology and a bit of creativity, they were able to tie the knot without putting themselves or their guests in harm’s way. So, if you can’t wait a moment longer to send out those save-the-date cards and plan your nuptials, here are some neat ideas to consider. 

COVID-Friendly Wedding Ideas

COVID-Friendly Wedding Ideas

Outdoor Weddings

The risks of spreading the coronavirus are higher in indoor spaces. As such, many couples have opted for an outdoor event. Whether they use their backyards, a local park, a public beach, or an outdoor wedding venue, being in the fresh air is a lot easier for everyone. If your wedding is in the fall, there’s always the option to use outdoor heaters and blankets to keep your guests warm. Ensure that you place adequate space between each seat and have masks on site for everyone to use. 

Drive-In Weddings

One couple decided to create a drive-in movie theater concept for their wedding. Guests were allowed to stay in their cars as the bride and groom were married in front of a large audience. The nuptials were streamed live and broadcast on the big screen so everyone could see. It was the perfect way to allow those closest to them to share at this moment without putting themselves at risk. 

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Live Streaming

You don’t need a big screen or a large outdoor space to livestream your wedding ceremony. Lots of couples have held intimate weddings with one or two witnesses and a wedding officiant. They decorated their homes, backyards, or wedding venues and used video conferencing software and cameras to allow their guests to watch it all go down in real time. 

Destination Weddings

Some couples have complied with their cash and decided to have a destination wedding. Though some countries have travel restrictions, others are still open to the public. As the wedding and travel industries are still struggling economically, you’ll find that many venues and service providers are willing to work within your budget to make your day special.  You and your significant other can fly to a safe place to get hitched. Instead of asking your guests to attend in person, you can stream or record the ceremony and share it with everyone. 

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Food Trucks

Before the pandemic, food stations and buffet-style receptions were the norm. Now, however, couples must be careful when distributing food to their guests. That’s where the idea of hiring a food truck came to fruition. Your guests can form a socially distant line at the truck and order their food. The food truck workers are safe when handling food, and everything is individually wrapped to reduce the risk of contamination. 

To-Go Bags

Instead of hosting a long-winded reception, you can give your guests to-go bags to enjoy at home. After the ceremony, everyone can grab a bag that would include their meal, a slice of cake, and perhaps a bottle of wine. Then, if you’d like, you can have a traditional reception after the pandemic has passed. 

The pandemic has changed the landscape of weddings and receptions around the world. As tradition takes a back seat, many couples have turned to technology and out-of-the-box concepts to ensure their special day goes forward. If you’re concerned about the well-being of loved ones but wish to proceed with your wedding, perhaps the ideas listed above can give you some inspiration on how to make it happen without the risks. We hope that this COVID-Friendly Wedding Ideas post inspires you. Good luck!

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