Bring Out Your Inner Artist with Pentel POP Pens Art Pen
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Bring Out Your Inner Artist with Pentel Pop Pens

Bring Out Your Inner Artist with Pentel Pop Pens
This Bring Out Your Inner Artist with Pentel Pop Pens post is sponsored by The Brand Connection/Pentel, all ideas and opinions are my own.

Bring Out Your Inner Artist with Pentel Pop Pens

Alright 90's kids, show of hands…. Who here remembers creating artwork and doodles with pastel, sparkle, and neon ink pens from Pentel? I can remember quite vividly decorating my school book covers with the glorious neon colors of my pens. Well guess what. Those 90's pens and colors are back, and they are better than ever. Pentel POP pens combine those vibrant colors of the 90's with the superior manufacturing processes of today. We hope that you enjoy this Bring Out Your Inner Artist with Pentel Pop Pens post.

Bring Out Your Inner Artist with Pentel Pop Pens

My kids had an absolute blast creating with the Pentel POP pens, and I loved watching them get their creative juices flowing. My oldest drew a girl with a paintbrush, kneeling as she worked. He had all of her ideas and creations bursting out of the paintbrush in a colorful rainbow of creativity. My youngest went a different route, and began drawing all of the flowers that she finds beautiful and inspiring.

Bring Out Your Inner Artist with Pentel Pop Pens

Pentel POP

The POP series of pens by Pentel come in three distinct flavors; milky, solar, and sparkle.

Milky POP lets you add a “pop” of pastel to your art. Smooth gel ink flows cleanly onto both light or dark colored paper; this pen will even write on photo paper. Featuring an extra long balanced barrel and a latex free grip, this Pentel POP will fit comfortably in your hand.

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Bring Out Your Inner Artist with Pentel Pop Pens

The Solar series brings those glorious neon colors that seem to jump off the page. Just like the Milky pens, this series features smooth gel ink and all of the ergonomic touches that make using a Pentel pen a pleasure.

Pentel POP 4

And finally, Sparkle POP pens bring the bling with a new sparkling iridescent ink. Perfect for cards, drawing, and doodles, this ink actually changes color when writing on black or white paper.

Pentel POP 5

All About Pentel

Pentel has been in the business of creating top quality writing instruments for over 70 years, and are the only writing instrument company to receive the Deming Award for recognition of the highest standard of quality. Pentel also invented the roller ball technology that gives you those smooth, flowing lines. All of their products are made in house, from the pens to the correction fluid, and satisfaction is guaranteed. Every single product is backed by a lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship. You can learn more about Pentel and their writing insturments over on the Pentel website.

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Pentel POP 6

We hope that you are inspired by this Bring Out Your Inner Artist with Pentel Pop Pens post.

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  1. These look awesome! My youngest is a total artist and a sucker for a good pen, like his mama. I will have to add these to the holiday shopping list for him!

  2. Ruth I.

    I will absolutely buy some for me – okay, for my niece too. My simple joy is to buy some noted pads and colorful pens. I love this brand.

  3. I am addicted to pens, it’s kind of crazy the number of pen sets I have. My hubby thinks I’m crazy but I love putting pen to paper for everything. I will be trying these for sure!

  4. Kathy

    Those look like some really neat pens. I may need to check for them and pick some up myself. I’m not the best artist, but I love to doodle.

  5. I have to get me some of those pretty pens. Love all the colors! So perfect for writing notes on cards and on my planner.

  6. Amy

    I love Pentel Pop pens! They have the BEST colors and make crafting and DIYs a blast for kiddos!

  7. These pins look great! I’m a huge fan of pens. I color code my life by them. I also love to doodle with them, so I need them with vibrant colors. Perfect!

  8. I’m obsessed with pens, and these look awesome. I like the different colors and they look like they write smoothly.

  9. Kiwi

    I loved gen pels growing up in the 90s. These are fun and will bring out the artist in any creative!

  10. That would be an awesome gift idea! My son loves to draw! This would be perfect for him!

  11. My oldest niece would absolutely adore these pens. She’s probably one of the more artistic ones in our family and so she would appreciate a set (or two).

  12. My oldest daughter is into drawing right now. She has been asking for some new pens for a book she is writing. 

  13. Oh these are going to rock for school projects and artwork! It will be good to have a few of the series around for the kids.

  14. I’m all about office supplies and pens! I could totally stock up my office with these, then use them for relaxing at night and coloring in my books!

  15. These pens have always been my favorite for journaling and for keeping up with things in my calendar.  My daughter uses them for artwork.

  16. I think these pens would be great for a planner (if you want them for yourself) or for the kids to make strikingly beautiful pictures. Either way they are so nice.

  17. Sherry

    I swear I have an obsession with pens. I love all the colors of these Pentel Pop Pens. I need to get some for sure.

  18. I would love to use it for the sparkly ink. I have always liked using these types of pens for doodling.

  19. krystal

    I’m a pen addict and prefer gel but I hadn’t seen these yet. So many colors – so vibrant!

  20. Reesa Lewandowski

    I LOVE pens of all kinds! I want to pick these up!

  21. Our kids love to draw and color. These look like some good pens!

  22. I love how coloring for adults has become a thing; it’s so relaxing and brings out the inner child in all of us!

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