6 Tips to Ensure Your Kids Stay Awake in School

6 Tips to Ensure Your Kids Stay Awake in School

how to ensure your kids stay awake in school
One of the hardest things about sending your kids back to school is the changing schedule. Summer is full of freedom and fun and your kids get accustomed to sleeping a little bit later. Bedtimes generally are a bit later during the summer also, so you have your work cut out for you as the school year begins. If you don’t have some type of plan, you will find your kids falling asleep during homework or at school. So how do you avoid this potential pitfall? Here are some tips:

1. Start Early

Rest assured your kids are going to hold on to the summer months with both hands, kicking and screaming to the end to stay up as late as possible. It is your job as a parent to make sure you start pushing back that bedtime early. You will get complaints and plenty of mumbling under their breath, but they will be better off for it in the end. Getting them up early should start early on as well. Around one month before school starts is ideal but two weeks should be your minimum.

2. Commit to a schedule

The biggest way to guarantee sleepy children in school is to move their sleep schedule all over the place. Once you have committed to a sleep time, do not move off of it unless it is absolutely unavoidable. Patterns are important for kids.

3. Do as much as you can before bed

Having everything ready to go before bed will help them to feel prepared and ready for the next day. That comfort can help them rest better and get plenty of sleep. A child that is not resting properly will nod off in class every single time.

4. Regulate your morning schedules

It is nearly impossible to have a perfect morning every single day, but you can’t dismiss the importance of a regular routine. When kids do the same things each day, they get into a groove of sorts. Make each morning very similar and help them succeed.

5. Eat a solid breakfast

A good breakfast with the proper nutrients is vital to their having a great day. Food and nutrition will give them energy and help them make it through those mid-day doldrums. Insist on a good breakfast every single morning.

6. Stay in close communication with their teachers

There is no way to know if your kids are getting enough rest if you are not talking with their teachers on a regular basis. Good relationships with the teachers will ensure you are aware when the kids are appearing unrested or tired during class. This helps in every phase of your kid’s school experience, so get to know the people that are shaping their minds!

 Keeping kids awake in school is really just a matter of routine and follow up. You get them on a specific schedule and then follow up regularly to see if they are doing well. If not, then make adjustments and move on. If you do this, your kids will be rested and awake throughout their school day.

What are your tips for helping your kids stay awake in school?


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  1. Tanya

    Great ideas! I homeschool so I know when they are too tired and not well rested. routine is a great way to make sure they get plenty of rest. Yes, breakfast is so important. A great way to start the day.

  2. LOVE this! Our biggest struggle is remembering to lay out clothes the night before. Its amazing how much TIME that saves!

  3. Those are great suggestions. I homeschool and when we get to tired, we get to take a nap for an hour and start over. That is such a great blessing for us.

  4. Jacklynn

    I don’t have any kids in school yet but I can see how having them on a schedule will be very important for us! Great tips!

  5. I don’t have any tips. I don’t think my children have any problems staying awake. I, on the other hand….. I need some good alternatives to having more coffee to help me stay awake.

  6. Great tips! I’ve been worried that my son was going to have trouble with starting all day kindergarten this week and easing out of his summer schedule. We started a week prior to school starting with waking up earlier and he has adjusted well. Now, we are working on getting his morning schedule down pat!

  7. This is funny my 6 year old came home from school yesterday and told me he fell asleep at circle time. We do all of this already but 2 in my group are Autistic and require sleep meds to sleep and sometimes even those don’t help.

  8. Very good tips. The happier the kids are when they go out the door, the better they will do in school.

  9. These tips are exactly right – I wouldn’t add anything! Thanks for sharing!

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