Google Smart Light Starter Kit with Google Assistant
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Google Smart Light Starter Kit with Google Assistant

Google Smart Light Starter Kit with Google Assistant

The future is here and in our home, the future is voice activated lighting. Ever since the Philips Hue was introduced years ago, my kids and husband have been hooked. It started in the master bedroom where we first replaced the lights in our ceiling fan (no judgement; it is the sweltering south after all) and we all marveled at all of the colors available. It was so cool to dim lights. These days, lighting is so much more advanced that even I am blown away by how far this tech has come.  We hope that you enjoy this Google Smart Light Starter Kit with Google Assistant post.

Meet the Google Smart Light Starter Kit with Google Assistant

What was once controlled by a clunky app that never really worked right for me is now controlled with my voice (plus accompanying app) through the Google Smart Light Starter Kit with Google Assistant. I ese the Google Smart Light Starter Kit to control the lights using just my voice.

Simple Setup and Ease of Use

What I especially loved was that setup was a breeze and it was so incredibly easy to use right out of the box. Just plug in Google Home Mini, screw in the GE C-Life smart light bulb, and download the Google Home app to get started. This app works well and adds to the ease of use of the product overall.
When you are ready to use, simply say “Hey Google” to dim, brighten, turn on and turn off the lights. The choice is yours. The Google Smart Light with Google Assistant is a great addition to your home. Use them together to conserve energy, control your lights and much more with just your voice. As one of the lowest priced smart lighting products on the market, the Google Smart Light retails for around $55 at Best Buy.

Google Smart Light Starter Kit with Google Assistant Features at a Glance

  • Get the helpfulness of Google Home Mini combined with a smart light bulb from GE. It's a simple and affordable way to start your connected home that lets you turn your lights on or off with just your voice.
  • Google Home Mini and GE C-Life smart bulb are great additions to your home. When you use them together, you can conserve energy, control your lights and do so much more.
  • Easy and seamless setup because you simply plug in Google Home Mini, screw in the GE C-Life light bulb, and download the Google Home app.
  • Set the mood and dim those lights for a family movie night. You don't even need to leave the couch. Say goodnight and create a routine so you can turn off the lights without even leaving the comfort of your own bed.  The smart bulb must be within 50 feet or 15 meters of the Google Home Mini in order to activate.
Google Smart Light Starter Kit with Google Assistant
We hope that you enjoy this Google Smart Light Starter Kit with Google Assistant post. Happy shopping!

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  1. Rachel

    I have one smart outlet set up and I love it. I kneed to get these bulbs.

  2. Sherry

    I need this in my home. My husband has a bad habit of leaving one of the lights on in the basement and I don’t always feel like going down to turn it off. Being able to do so using my voice would be awesome.

  3. I love all the smart home devices that are coming out. I love that you can just tell Google to dim your lights – that’s awesome! 

  4. Catalina

    I am sure that with this Google Assistant we will solve finally our light issue. It’s the best way to conserve energy!

  5. This is really awesome! Love that it is so easy to use!

  6. My husband is in the process of turning as much of our home into a smart home as possible. We only have the bedroom and living room set up so far, but this looks like something we need to add in. $55 sounds like a great price point too!

  7. Rosey

    I like that it is so easy to set up. It is becoming the norm to have a smart home. Some of the options are so cool!

  8. Jeanine

    Wow I love this! I hasn’t heard of it before this post and think I now need to go shop and pick one up what a cool set up!

  9. Catherine Santiago Jose

    Loved this kind of post where we can catch up and learn more about technology that will affect our daily lives. Great product feature today for the future house living.

  10. Surekha Busa

    Wow, that was so amazing! I never heard of this product yet just now. I never knew lightning system could be this fun.

  11. We got the Philips Hue set and its the best think ever!! – Love changing all the lights

  12. Haven’t heard about this before, Google innovating 🙂 

    Seems pretty interesting!

  13. thanks for sharing this information Looks like something I should look into for my own home

  14. We have something similar in our home and I can say that having to take one less step in walking across a dark room to turn on the lamps, is so convenient! Great gift idea!

  15. Shar

    Ooh this really sounds amazing!  All the smart home technology that is coming out is so neat.  I just got my sister a google home for Christmas so maybe she can look into this 🙂 

  16. This is a smart device that I could certainly see my family using – being able to use voice activation to turn lights on and off would be amazing for me as it seems I’m the only one who does it in the home and normally always have my hands full, haha!

  17. I love that light set up. We have Wink but I feel like Google has the better product. More features better price. 

  18. Alma P

    What a great set-up! Thanks for the tips!

  19. This is better than the whole clap for the lights to come on thing lol. I need this in my home! 

  20. This is the first time I’m hearing about this! Sounds very cool though!

  21. Ola

    I’ve been seriously considering something like this, so I’m glad to see this review.  It’s nice to know that set up is easy and that this system actually works smoothly.

  22. We’ve heard great things about Google Home solutions and lighting has really come leaps and bounds! Looks and sound fab x 

  23. We love smart bulbs! We have a light fixture with Sengled bulbs- they are fantastic.

  24. Angela Federica

    wow that sounds fantastic! I Never known about it

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