How to Plan the Best Family Vacations
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How to Plan the Best Family Vacations

fun inexpensive family vacations how to plan the best family vacationsHow to Plan the Best Family Vacations 

Going on a vacation is a great way to connect more deeply with our families. There are many different types of vacations, and it can take a bit of time and energy to plan the perfect trip. Sometimes a vacation is all about our destination, sometimes it is all about relaxing, and sometimes it is simply about the journey itself. Let’s explore some of our options when we are planning the perfect vacation for our families. Once we know where we want to go on vacation we can move ahead and start working out all the details. We hope that you love these fun inexpensive family vacations. 

Fun Inexpensive Family Vacations

Going On Nature-Based Vacations

We all understand the power of getting out into nature and finding ways to recenter ourselves. One great way to get our families into the fresh air is to go on nature-based vacations. A nature based vacation could look like going to Yosemite National Park, enjoying South Carolina State Parks, visiting the Grand Canyon, traveling to a sunny beach or even watching the sunset in Seattle. With all these examples we can create a trip where our family will soak in the wonder of nature, be inspired, and create lasting memories.

Going On A Destination Vacation

Sometimes what we really want from a vacation is a bit of relaxation. In these cases, we might choose to go to a destination spot such as a San Diego spa, Disneyland, or even a tropical resort. There is something about spending a few days chilling by a pool or going on park rides that can really help us feel refreshed. Destination vacations may be one of the most common types of vacations that we go on in part because we all deserve to have a relaxing break from life.

Going On History-Based Vacations

Sometimes when we are planning a trip, we want to make sure it has some educational value. Choosing a history-based vacation can help us teach our families about local history, the history of their families, or the history of their communities. There are a wide range of historical sites that cover everything from famous battles, to where artists and musicians lived. It can be very exciting to see where the person who wrote a book or sang a famous song was born. It can also be important to understand the contributions of others to our history. We can create whole tours that are based around hitting various historical sites.

Going On A Family-History Vacation

While history in general is a great reason to go on a family trip, we can create an even more personalized trip around our own family’s history. There is something special about going to see where our parents or grandparents came from, which can be the town next door, a city halfway across the country, or even a different country. 

These trips can help the whole family feel more connected to their roots. It is important to note if our family background takes us to another country, we are going to have to do an extra level of planning for our trip to be a success. Finding a sense of belonging and community by seeing where our ancestors came from can really foster a sense of wonder and joy.

When The Trip Is More Important Than The Destination

Sometimes we will find that the trip itself becomes a bonding experience for our whole family. A classic example of this type of trip is road trips, where we gather our family together, jump in our car, and see what we can find. Often, we find we can take a road trip to nature, history, family, or even destination-based locations and effectively get two vacations out of one. We might even bring a grandparent along with our children, providing them lots of time to bond and create wonderful intergenerational memories.

If you're going on a long-distance road trip, make sure you prepare your vehicle and outfit it with interior accessories. In case of an accident, keep emergency supplies on hand, such as a first-aid kit and blankets. You can also videotape your trip to preserve memories after you return. In the end when it comes to us picking a family vacation, we have numerous options. If our children are old enough, we can even include them in the planning of our trip.

In addition, we can also combine types of vacations. For example, we can hit some historical sites on our road trip to a natural park and stop to see where our grandparents grew up on the way. When it comes to family vacations there is no right or wrong way to plan a trip. The key is creating an experience where everyone is having a great time.

We hope that you are inspired by these fun inexpensive family vacations. Happy travels!

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