7 travel destinations you should visit: teaching English Online
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7 travel destinations you should visit: teaching English Online

7 travel destinations you should visit: teaching English Online


Language Learning Adventures destinations you should visit

After two years of restrictions, international travel is back on the cards – exciting news for those who are planning to take control of their lives and become their own bosses while traveling. The freedom of being able to travel is an amazing feeling, but there also some important logistics to consider when traveling. One of the most important planning steps when traveling is finding a rental car that fits your needs. 7 travel destinations you should visit teaching English Online

The recent pandemic has brought about significant changes in many industries, offering employees opportunities to reflect upon their personal and professional life choices. As a result, many have decided to ditch their stable-but-predictable job for a more exciting source of income – one that better suits their needs and lifestyle, like travelling the world, for example.

The freedom of teaching English online

For decades, teaching English as a foreign language has given people the chance to travel the world while earning a living. Nowadays, with readily available advanced technology, travelling and teaching English has become more accessible than ever before. 7 travel destinations you should visit teaching English Online

Flexibility and freedom are the main advantages of teaching English online. Whether you choose to rely on the support of established teaching platforms or you have a go at a solo venture, you’ll find that this career path will offer you a range of choices. 

Is this going to be your main source of income or your side hustle? Is it going to be full time or part time? Would you like to work from home or while travelling? If you are reading this article, chances are that you are leaning towards the latter. Great, the world is your oyster!  travel destinations you should visit teaching English Online

Places to visit while teaching English online

Choosing where to go can be confusing, but you might want to take into consideration different aspects of each country you visit, such as geographical position, political and economic situation and last, but not least, living costs.

Have a look at the destinations suggested below – you might find some inspiration for your travels!

Adventures: travel destinations you should visit teaching English Online

Costa Rica

If you want to experience what living the ‘pura vida’ really means, head to Costa Rica, in Central America. There, you’ll discover a completely new way of life that will restore your body, mind, and soul with its simplicity and slow pace.

Despite its relaxed atmosphere, Costa Rica is far from boring. With its stunning rainforests, breathtaking beaches and astonishing volcanoes, this country has plenty to offer to suit any taste. Do you crave some chilling time? Try relaxing on the beach or whale watching. Are you an adrenaline junkie? Visit a volcano! Do you need to reconnect with nature? Head to one of Costa Rica’s gorgeous national parks. You won’t be disappointed.

Costa Rica is usually a safe country to visit but keep an eye on your valuables (including your passport), as theft is the most common crime against tourists. Although it is more expensive than its neighboring countries, it’s possible to explore Costa Rica on a budget.


Another country that has something for everyone is Vietnam. Tourists have described this country as calm and peaceful, but also vibrant and chaotic – in other words, fascinating. 

If you want to unleash your adventurous side, go on a trek through the caves or take a ride on a motorbike to enjoy breathtaking views. If city life is for you, enjoy the hustle and bustle of Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh, where you can rent a studio flat for as little as $250 a month. When you need some peace and quiet, escape to one of the many idyllic beaches this country has to offer. Whatever your lifestyle, you will certainly fall in love with Vietnamese cuisine, considered one of the healthiest in the world. Spending as little as $3 per meal, you can enjoy eating out every single day!

Vietnam has been rated one of the safest countries in the world, even for solo female travelers. However, it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on your valuables and avoid being too trusting. Vietnamese people are very friendly, especially with tourists, and it’s easy to let your guard down and fall prey to pickpockets and purse snatchers.


Although Spain is currently facing a severe economic crisis, it is still one of the most popular destinations for expats and tourists in general. This is not surprising, as Spain’s geographical situation offers different climate zones. The Mediterranean climate is characterized by warm-hot and dry summers and cool-cold winters – ideal conditions to live by the sea. The north of the country is influenced by the Atlantic ocean, with an oceanic climate that brings heavy rain during winter.

Spain is as safe as any other European country, but use your savvy, especially when partying at night – drink spiking happens. If you feel that you are lost, or in trouble, ask for help. Spanish people are often friendly and very helpful. 

It is possible to travel around Spain on a budget, but this will require careful planning. The cost of living varies considerably depending on the part of the country you are in. For example, a meal in a rural area is much cheaper than in a city like Madrid.

South Korea

If you are ready to step out of your comfort zone, South Korea is the destination for you. This country is modern and well developed, with a thriving economy and excellent quality of life. However, there might be aspects of Koreans’ everyday life that could surprise you, like their working day, which is extremely long. Blending in can also be challenging if you do not have Korean language skills for basic communication. 

South Korea is the ideal destination for a traveller with an open mind and a desire to explore and learn something new everyday. The best time of the year to visit this country is Spring or Autumn, when the weather is mild and the crowds of tourists have gone home. These are also best to avoid steep peak season prices.

Korean food is interesting and often spicy, but for the ultimate food experience, try a Korean BBQ. You can find it in restaurants where each table is provided with its own grill. Customers purchase raw meat and cook it themselves at their own table. Other must-do activities in South Korea are visiting some of the (countless) Buddhist temples and singing your heart out at a karaoke bar – unmissable in larger cities.

South Korea is a very safe country to visit, even on your own, but it is a bit expensive, especially for accommodation, while food is cheap and healthy.


This country is a very popular destination for tourists and travellers alike. This country has the ability to make everyone feel welcome, from backpackers to families. Locals are very friendly and never miss an opportunity to start a conversation with tourists.

Here, you can enjoy cultural trips across the beautiful imperial cities and explore the busy and colourful  local markets – a true experience of the senses. If you prefer a more tranquil stay, head to a more modern town such as Agadir, right between a golden beach on the Atlantic coast and the Sahara desert.

Travelling Morocco can be as cheap or as expensive as you want to make it, but remember to haggle! Although this is a relatively safe country, be aware that tourists often attract con artists, from fake tourist guides to illegal taxi drivers.

Sri Lanka

Do you enjoy water sports? Are you interested in history? passionate about wildlife? Are you a food lover? Then Sri Lanka is for you. 

This country offers tropical climate all year round – the two monsoon seasons affect different areas of the country at different times of the year. This means that you can always find a sunny beach where you can relax or get an adrenaline boost by kitesurfing or para-cycling.

With some planning, it is possible to travel around Sri Lanka on a budget – stick to local transport to move around and cheap guesthouses for accommodation. Luckily, food is very cheap! After a 25-year long war and some terrorist attacks, Sri Lanka can now be considered a safe country to visit. It is advised to avoid dark areas at night, especially if you are on your own, and to keep your valuables (including your passport) safe.


Not everyone likes the hot weather and sunny beaches, right? If you enjoy cooler temperatures, perhaps Latvia is a country worth checking out, with its very cold winters and mild and rainy summers.

This beautiful country is situated on the Baltic sea, and between Lithuania and Estonia. Latvia has an unspoiled ecosystem that covers about half of its territory and offers the most amazing landscapes available in nature – from forests to lakes, from rivers to sandy beaches. This country is at its best in Autumn, when the leaves turn gold.

As you might have guessed, Latvia is ideal for nature lovers, but also for adventure seekers – fancy trying bungee jumping or the more risky human flight without a parachute? If you are passionate about architecture, make sure you visit the Old Town of Riga – you won’t be disappointed!

Although Latvia is a relatively safe country, beware of pickpockets and scams targeted to tourists and travellers in general, especially in the capital. Although Latvia is a little more expensive than its neighbour Lithuania and South American countries, it is definitely cheaper than those in western Europe. You’ll find that eating out is generally cheap and Latvian cuisine relies heavily on meat, potatoes, and seafood, similarly to other Baltic and Scandinavian countries.

All in all

This article has hopefully helped (or inspired) you find a suitable destination for your online English teaching adventure. There is no doubt you’ll enjoy the ride, as long as you keep your eyes open, as well as your mind!

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