Ultimate Ears Portable Wifi Speakers with Amazon Alexa

Ultimate Ears Portable Wifi Speakers with Amazon Alexa

Ultimate Ears Portable Wifi Speakers with Amazon AlexaUltimate Ears Portable Wifi Speakers with Amazon Alexa

We are music lovers in this household. Having a husband that went to music school, I was fairly confident that we would have musical children. Sure enough all three kids love music as much as we do. They can all play instruments by ear with little or no training. I admire this quality so much and I love that there is always music playing in our house at any given time. We hope that you enjoy this Ultimate Ears Portable Wifi Speakers with Amazon Alexa post.

I play music the entire day while I work. We also play it at night to relax and we all listen to different types of music so you never know what you might hear. For superior summer sound, the Ultimate Ears MEGABLAST and BLAST portable speakers are perfect for the summer and your summer activities.

Ultimate Ears Portable Wifi Speakers with Amazon AlexaUltimate Ears MEGABLAST

Ultimate Ears MEGABLAST is the most powerful offering amazing clarity along with a heart-pounding deep base that will bring any song to life. With hands-free Amazon Alexa built right in, you can request to play music, find new music, turn the volume up or down or really anything that you use Alexa for. Knock knock joke, anyone? This bluetooth and wi-fi capable speaker has a range of 330 feet for wifi and 150 feet for bluetooth. The large built-in rechargeable battery lasts up to 16 hours and can also be played while charging. It is durable and can handle drops from up to 3 feet high.

Ultimate Ears Portable Wifi Speakers with Amazon AlexaUltimate Ears BLAST

The Ultimate Ears BLAST  speaker plays rich music from a 360° speaker. Bringing music to life with stunning clarity, this water-resistant and dust proof design can withstand liquid of up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes. Take hands-free calls, play your favorite music or find a good restaurant and more with this speaker that lasts up to 12 hours on one charge. Multiple microphones offer beam-forming technology and noise cancellation to provide accurate voice capture.

Ultimate Ears Portable Wifi Speakers with Amazon Alexa

Ultimate Ears Speakers New Features

New experiences for MEGABLAST and BLAST include:

  • Control volume remotely from the app
  • Check battery status in two ways – either through the app, or right from the speaker
  • Personalize your sound for any artist or music genre with the custom equalizer (EQ)
  • Voice control on Spotify on Wifi and Integrate Spotify Connect
  • On Bluetooth, you can enjoy music from any of your favorite music services.
  • Group up to eight MEGABLAST and BLAST speakers on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

We hope that this Ultimate Ears Portable Wifi Speakers with Amazon Alexa post inspired your music listening.


Ultimate Ears Portable Wifi Speakers with Amazon Alexa

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  1. Bonnie G

    Wow, this looks and sounds like something I need in my life! Will have to look into getting one.

  2. Rose Ann Sales

    Wow, that speaks looks so beautiful and it sounds like a good stuff to have in our house. I am glad that it also available in different color, will definitely check this out.

  3. These sound really nice. I use alexa every day on my echo dot but the sound isn’t the best. I need to look into these. I like that they have such a long battery life.

  4. I’m always looking for a good wireless speaker. This one looks perfect for our family outings.

  5. Oh I would love to try these! Whenever my kids want to listen to something with me my phone is never loud enough.

  6. Kathy

    Those look so nice. I love that they’re wireless too. I need to get one of these. My husband would love it.

  7. I would love to try one of these beautiful wifi speakers! My family and I are really into music, this would be great for backyard party too!

  8. robin rue

    Alexa is basically a member of our family, so I HAVE to get this. What a cool addition to the music we love in our house.

  9. I play music in my office all day long while I am working and was just thinking that I need some good speakers like this. I am going to have to check into Amazon Alexa and these portable wifi speakers!

  10. That speaker has a great design and the color options are great too! I like that you can check battery status and volume from the app.

  11. Amy

    I swear, every day it seems like technology gets better and better! I need to get one of these for my main floor!

  12. Kristin

    This is really great! Perfect for those at home or on the go trips. 

  13. We have Alexa in our home and love it! We are gonna have to check this out the next time we’re at Best Buy!

  14. brianne

    I just love Alexa in our home! I need to check this out at Best Buy, my Dad was just looking to get one too! 

  15. I love portable speakers! It’s really awesome to have them at home because you can transfer from any room in the house without losing your music or whatever you’re listening to. It’s also perfect for traveling!

  16. Becca Wilson

    I have always wanted one of these in my spaces. I really need to just jump on it.

  17. Amy

    I think these speakers are pretty cool. I wouldn’t mind having one or two for my home!

  18. The teen boy would love these. He is all about wireless devices these days.

  19. I’ve been looking for a new speaker. I will definitely check this one out. It sounds like it has great features.

  20. They sound like awesome speakers! Love anything Alexa enabled! 

  21. I love my Alexa….this could be REALLY useful! I love that I can move from room to room with it. Plus, these look really cool and sleek!

  22. Sherry

    I want these speakers. They have such great range. I love listening to music while I’m working.

  23. Loving the design of that portable speaker. I can see it going with us to so many outdoor activities. So much fun!

  24. kristin

    These kind og speakers are great. Easy to take and awesome for the beach or park.

  25. Aziel Morte

    I love these speakers and I always love wireless speakers I can bring to anywhere especially we love to travel, I would love to get one.

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