Tips For Nurses To Manage The Graveyard Shift
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Tips For Nurses To Manage The Graveyard Shift

Essential Tips for Mastering the Graveyard Shift

Hospitals need to stay operational 24/7 to treat patients, so many nurses are assigned the graveyard shift. The night shift has its pros and cons. As for pros, you get paid more and deal with fewer patents. Also, the commute can be pretty comfortable since you don’t have to wiggle through peak traffic hours. As for cons, your body clock goes out of order and you’re likely to get used to laziness because of less work. So, how do you manage the night shift properly? Here’s what you need to know:

Tips For Nurses To Manage The Graveyard Shift

Create a healthy work-life balance

If you’re feeling a little out of the loop, that’s just a common side effect of working the graveyard shift. Night-shift nurses may have trouble creating a healthy work-life balance. You can find it difficult to maintain relationships with friends and family because of your irregular schedule.

That’s why you need to communicate with your loved ones and make them understand how 5’o clock in the evening for them is like 5’o clock in the morning for you. Explain your unique schedule to your kids and significant other. Get them on the same page about your work routine. Effective communication is the bedrock of a healthy work-life balance.

Educate yourself during your shift

Continuous education goes hand-in-hand with improving your nursing expertise, so do this during the night as well. If you can’t opt for traditional on-campus during the day, enroll in an online course that allows you to learn flexibly.

There are plenty of RN to MSN online programs that offer hybrid learning models to help you hone your clinical skills remotely. These degrees will help you study at your pace without spending anything on the commute. You don’t have to attend in-person classes; instead, you’ll be able to study comfortably during your free time at night.

Get enough amount of sleep

Working night shifts will mess with your natural sleep pattern. That’s why skipping a good night’s rest is never okay for a nurse working the graveyard shift. Schedule your bedtime properly. Get 7 to 8 hours of shuteye daily to wake up refreshed and rejuvenated for your next shift. Tips For Nurses To Manage The Graveyard Shift

Since you’ll be sleeping during the day, ensure your bedroom is dark, quiet, and comfy. Remove all distractions from your bedroom. Also, avoid using your laptop, mobile, or blue-light-emitting device just before bedtime. Following your sleep schedule should help your body get accustomed to a different cycle.

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Eat healthy meals and snacks

Choose your meals carefully when preparing for your swing shift. Consuming unhealthy stuff before a tiring all-nighter can harm your health. That’s why you must lay off junk food. Listen to your body and eat things that give your all the nutrients required to stay active and energized throughout the night. Add the following foods to your diet:

  • Fresh fluids, such as water, milkshakes, smoothies, or orange juiceComplex carbs, such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains to stay energized
  • Protein-rich meals, such as fish, tofu, eggs, poultry, lean meats, and other options
  • Meals rich in brain-friendly omega-3 fatty acids, such as salmon, walnuts, and chia seeds

Take over your circadian rhythm

Today, 1 in 5 night-shift workers suffers from shift work disorder, a.k.a. circadian rhythm sleep disorder. It happens when your body’s natural clock doesn’t synchronize with your surroundings, i.e., when you work a graveyard shift instead of sleeping through the night. As a result, night-shift nurses feel sleepy and exhausted when working. But you can trick your body’s internal clock to adjust to the night shift. Ask your mentors and search online to find ways to manipulate your circadian rhythm.

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Keep yourself moving at night

It’s natural to get sleep when working a night shift. If you’re feeling sleepy, get moving. Keep yourself awake by moving around, stepping outside for a minute, and taking a brief walk. Also, exercise regularly to promote good health and stay energetic in your graveyard shift. Whenever you have free time, walk the halls and do some squats. Get your blood flowing; it’ll help you stay awake, alert, and ready for emergencies. enjoy these Tips For Nurses To Manage The Graveyard Shift

Keep yourself busy

Find something to distract you from loneliness and boredom. Since most patients will be asleep, you will have more time on your hand than day-shift RNs do. You can find a lot of hobbies to amuse yourself and keep your brain vigilant all through the night. Just do not pick a pastime that interferes with your professional responsibilities when managing your shift. Reading, journaling, and knitting are some good ideas for pastimes.

Don’t drink too much coffee

Drinking coffee to stay alert on your night shift seems like a good idea. However, there are two things you should never forget about coffee: first, don’t drink it 4 to 5 hours before going to sleep; second, drink 400 mg of coffee at max in one day. Too much caffeine will interfere with your performance on the job.

Bond with your nocturnal coworkers

You can’t handle the swing shift alone. The night shift creates a different environment in the workplace where you need your coworkers’ cooperation to survive. So, if you wish to manage the graveyard shift healthily and flexibly, you should reach out to your colleagues. Collaborate with them to run the shift as smoothly as possible. Be on friendly terms with other nurses and doctors. Working with your colleagues will make the graveyard shift manageable.

Handling the night shift can be a bother for some nurses. They get tired after working late at night in the hospital and lose their work-life balance. If you wish to work the graveyard shift, follow all the tips mentioned in this blog. Eat healthy stuff, get enough sleep, and drink caffeine moderately. Learn how to handle the night shift by enhancing your education and pursuing a degree online. Find friendly people to make your anchor watch less boring. Keep yourself moving and find some engaging pastimes to keep you active throughout the night. we hope you can enjoy the Tips For Nurses To Manage The Graveyard Shift

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