Career Advancement Options for Registered Nurses

Career Advancement Options for Registered Nurses

Career Advancement Options for Registered Nurses

Becoming a registered nurse is one of the most challenging professional paths a person can take. However, even RNs have room to advance further in their careers if they so wish. This is good because fulfillment is vital in any profession. If you're looking to advance, you can consider the following career advancement options. We hope that this Career Advancement Options for Registered Nurses post inspires you. 

Career Advancement Options for Registered Nurses

Career Advancement Options for Registered Nurses

Clinical Nurse Specialist

One career choice you have is a clinical nurse specialist. At a minimum, you'll have to earn your master's in this area, but it also means a bump in pay. The responsibilities will exceed what you're responsible for now. You'll be able to provide more help to your patients. That's only going to encompass part of your day, thanks to your improved ability to diagnose. The reality is that a big part of your day is going to transfer to the background. You'll serve as a leader to the rest of the registered nurses in your practice. It'll be your job to provide support to others and find ways to provide even more effective care to as many patients as possible.

Nurse Practitioner

Another way to move forward in your line of work is to become a nurse practitioner. Making a move like this will increase your responsibilities, but you'll also receive a significant bump in pay, which makes all the work you have to put in worthwhile. To become a nurse practitioner, you'll need a master's along with a doctor of nursing practice or a DNP. You'll probably want to find affordable online DNP programs offered by accredited universities. You may also want to do the same for your master's. The role of a nurse practitioner is more involved. You'll be diving into the care of your patients more deeply than even a physician. You'll treat conditions, provide health education to folks who come to you and approach illnesses effectively.

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Physician Assistant

Registered nurses could also opt for the physician assistant position. This is a highly sought-after position because the duties of a PA include everything you love to do but to a greater extent. You get to help folks who see you by diagnosing illnesses and much more. One key difference is that you'll get to develop a treatment plan for patients using their specific issues and needs. You get so involved with a patient that you sometimes become his or her primary healthcare provider. That's how much responsibility you have. You'll need a bachelor's degree if you only have the minimum ADN. You'll go through thousands of hours of medical training to become a physician's assistant.

Legal Nurse Consultant

Those interested in the legal aspect of medicine might want to consider becoming a legal nurse consultant. Your expertise is needed in the court of law. You'll get to work on cases regarding malpractice and much more. Granted, you won't be keeping those crazy hours anymore, and you won't be helping people directly, but this is still helpful. You'll help correct mistakes, which can also help people. Some things you assist with may even help change procedures and laws that could save more lives in the long run. It may feel like a significant change, but in the end, you're still helping people, and that's the reason you became a registered nurse.

Nurse Midwife

One of the most promising careers out there right now is the nurse midwife. Many expectant parents want to give birth more naturally but want to do so safely. This is why this career is emerging, and folks are willing to pay a hefty amount for a nurse midwife. Sometimes, the salary can go above $80,000 a year, which should show you how popular this particular career option is. You'll get to use the skills you already have and help folks give birth at home. You'll make sure the birth process goes smoothly and keep the baby and mother safe. However, learning never stops so midwives should renew their skills regularly. 

You have plenty of nurse career advancement options to choose from. Look into each of these options, and find a path that speaks to your heart. We hope that this Career Advancement Options for Registered Nurses post inspires you. Good luck!

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