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Tips for Getting Your Family to Eat Breakfast

1. Make Breakfast Time Family Time

This is always the time when my family comes together. We plan our day. We talk about what is going on in our lives and we generally just bond. I love breakfast time with my family. One of the best things we ever did to make breakfast time better was the next step.

2. Set Expectations

Everyone in my family is expected to be at the table for each and every meal. There is absolutely no eating in front of the television or in a bedroom. My children know that they need to be at the table as soon as we call them for dinner. This has always been the expectation. My kids have NEVER had a meal in their room or in front of the tv.

3. Serve Favorite Foods and Inclde Healthy Choices

We all love oatmeal and as a result, it is frequently on our breakfast menu. Some of our other favorites are fresh fruit and smoothies. We also all love pancakes. But in moderation. We don't completely deny ourselves and we do have pancakes or waffles every few weeks or so.

4. Teach Kids About the Importance of Fueling Their Bodies with Wholesome Food

This was really key with my two older children. As soon as they understood the importance of protein and carbs and empty calories, they instantly began making better food choices. They know what gives them energy and what is going to cause them to be sleepy. 9 times out of 10, they make great choices so I can definitely live with that one time when they don't.

5. Wake up in Time

It is hard to make healthy and wholesome choices when you are rushing around in the morning. With a busy family of five, the key for us is giving ourselves an additional 30 minutes longer than we think we need in the morning. That way, everyone has a wholesome breakfast and no one feels rushed.

6. Let the Entire Family Plan the Menu

Getting the kids involved is the easiest way to make certain that they make better choices. If you are planning ahead and your kids have input, buy in for healthy eating will be much easier. My kids always eat whatever they help to plan and cook.


I am partnering with McDonald’s on their Wholesome Choices Blogger Program! Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing my own tips and ideas for making more wholesome choices in your every day life.

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  1. Eileen

    I am NOT a morning person and have trouble eating too early. But, I do expect my kids to eat breakfast. Having 6 kids, over the years it has been a battle keeping them from the sugary cereals and boxed pastries, but have learned to keep them out of the house for the most part and keep cheese sticks, eggs, peanutbutter protein sources on hand, and whole wheat bagels, yougurt , fruit , etc stocked too. Saturdays are for Dad’s breakfasts, not so great with lots of bacon, eggs, and sometimes pancakes but at least they eat good food and not junk. I do have a problem with a sweet tooth hubby who brings in donuts and high cal dense n’ sweet muffins the size of your head, and that becomes a problem. We still have work to do here. I do have problems getting my teen son to eat much for breakfast, and after 31 years of parenting, I still dont’ know what to do. He eats enough in a day to feed a small country, but won’t eat much in the AM. what do ya do? You cant forcefeed :O

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