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Things you can do as a volunteer and how to become one

Unicef LogoFor years I have thought about trying to volunteer more than I do right now. I do give time every year but I give it in huge waves (like the PTA Silent Auction) and then I am done for a while. I want to do more in my community.

I have volunteered in some sort or fashion for my entire life. I grew up Catholic and had six days of church plus optional church-y Saturday activities. So pretty much seven days but I must admit that I still pretty much love Bingo to this day. I totally credit the church with that.

During that period, I did everything from collect for Unicef for years in row, work in soup kitchens around town, go sing at retirement homes. I should mention that I was also a Girl Scout and completed many service projects as well.

Once I got older, I was able to assist my mother with her various causes including: “Kids on the Block Puppet Show (therapy counseling through puppets), Special Olympics (we lead several teams of volunteers) and the Olympics (we participate in various activities during the 1996 Olympics here in Atlanta). I also have been part of the Junior League of Atlanta for many years, on the board at the Atlanta Community Food Bank plus I am a leader of two Girl Scout troops.

Upon researching, I have found many opportunities to volunteer in various parts of the world. Of course I would love to volunteer in Australia and many other countries.

If you are looking for local volunteer opportunities, below you will find some ways that you can give back.



The United Nations Children's Fund is a humanitarian organisation based out of New York City that remains devoted to helping children and mothers in need. You might know the organisation from its Trick or Treat program that it runs every year. Volunteers agree to carry small boxes with them as they spend Halloween in their neighbourhoods. They collect money that they give back to the organisation to help those in need. If you live near Sydney or another major city in Australia, you can volunteer your time and help the organisation with special events and with its fundraising efforts.


UNICEF needs a number of volunteers to assist with daily needs around its office. Administrative volunteers will answer phones, coordinate with other volunteers, file paperwork, respond to emails and do some light cleaning. As UNICEF primarily relies on donations from the public, it also needs volunteers who can assist with fundraising campaigns. You might call people who donated in the past, those who expressed interest in donating or cold call people to ask if they might make a donation. The more money the organisation raises, the more it can help those in the community.


Do you love the idea of volunteering but have little time available? UNICEF often asks that its volunteers commit to spending a few hours in a local office every day, but you might find that between work and other obligations that you can't devote that much time to the organisation. As a special event volunteer, you have the chance to work with the organisation just once a year or as often as you can. You can take part in charity runs, work during holidays to watch over kids or take part in of the other special events that take place each year.


Are you ready to volunteer in Australia and want to know which step to take next? All you need to do is go to the official UNICEF website. It only takes a few minutes to download the volunteer application and a few more minutes to complete that application. You can drop off your completed application form with a copy of your CV at your local office or send it through email. Find out even more about the work that UNICEF does in Australia and the volunteer opportunities available throughout the country when your follow the organisation on Facebook.

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