The Perfect Adult Stocking Stuffers – 8 Gift Ideas to Consider

The Perfect Adult Stocking Stuffers – 8 Gift Ideas to Consider

The Perfect Adult Stocking Stuffers – 8 Gift Ideas to Consider 

Everybody loves waking up on Christmas morning to find presents nestled under the tree waiting for them, and stockings stuffed with goodies. And while children tend to dig into theirs quicker (and tend to dig more out of them), they aren’t the only ones that love this tradition! 

Adult stockings don’t need to be STUFFED, and the stuffers don’t need to be extravagant. Even the simplest of stocking stuffers can be significant, and they should be embraced! Ranging from unexpected surprises to tailored traditions, there is an abundance of awesome options out there –and luckily for you, right here! 

How to Wrap Stocking Stuffers 

Before we dive into the awesome options that exist for stuffing adult stockings, it’s worth mentioning that although it’s never necessary to wrap these stuffers, it is a lot more fun! That being said, stocking stuffers are notorious for being oddly-shaped items that are tricky to wrap, so it’s a good idea to know how to gift wrap socks or mittens or what to do with cylindrical shapes! 

Squishy Surprises 

If the item is small enough to sit in a box and still fit into the stocking, always box it up! If not, a simple layer of tissue or wrapping paper will undoubtedly show imperfections, but will look appropriate for a stocking and feel incredibly intriguing! 

Tube-Like Treasures 

If the item is small enough, a cardboard roll from a paper towel or toilet paper roll will work phenomenally and will make wrapping it a whole lot easier. Along with this, wrapping tube-shaped gifts “candy style” by leaving extra tissue or wrapping paper at each end of the tube and twisting or fanning them is always a charming and exciting method. 

Gentle Gems 

If you’re stuffing a delicate or highly breakable item into a stocking, wrapping it will be good for more reasons than one. Make sure to add padding around these sorts of items with multiple layers of tissue paper, and box them when you can!

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Perfect Adult Stocking Stuffers

1. Coffee or Tea 

It seems that if you’re not a coffee lover, you’re a tea-lover! So no matter who’s stocking you’re stuffing, there’s a good chance they would like one or the other! If you know their preference, a small jar of their favorite, or a variety of mini jars for them to explore new flavors, will be loved and appreciated with every cup! 

2. Earbuds 

Earbuds as a gift are as exciting as they are practical and can be as fashionable as they are functional. With colors for everyone, this is a gift that can be personalized a bit and with cases for carrying them, it’s a gift that can be expanded upon too! Wireless earbuds are a great gift option as well and suited for many individuals, so long as they know how to connect their phone to Bluetooth! 

3. Funny Mugs 

Almost everyone uses mugs in their daily lives, but from a small delicate mug with a pretty plant pattern that suits their personality to a tall ceramic travel mug that describes them in an endearing and personal way with a single quote not everyone loves the same mugs. For a serious coffee or tea drinker the perfect mug could mean the perfect mornings, so while it may seem like a simplistic stuffer, it could be one of the most significant! Along with this, adults tend to either have a strong and seasoned sense of humor, or need some more in their lives, so novelty gifts like funny mugs make for a great gift idea here! 

4. Classic Christmas Socks 

Most people wear socks on a daily basis, and during the cold winter months, they almost become a necessity. While they may be needed, though, it doesn’t mean that they can’t also be exciting and fun! Classic Christmas socks are a festive gift for everyone and anyone, along with an age-old tradition that over the years has only become more and more fun, fashionable and personalized. Not only are there tons of sought-after and perfect options out there, but they tend to be easily chosen, affordable and something that will actually get used!

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5. Perfume or Cologne 

Perfume and cologne are both items that people use on a daily basis and that will be greatly appreciated and adored! After all, who doesn’t like it when a pleasant scent fills their nose? And who doesn’t love it when that smell is coming from them! Whether you find them their favorite brand, their favorite scent or find them a sample pack of perfumes or colognes to add a bit of variety into their life or to help them find a scent they love there are almost no wrong answers! 

6. Digital Media Streamer 

While this may feel like a big-ticket and/or hard-to-understand and tech-heavy item, digital media streamers like Roku, Fire Stick and Android Box are affordable, compatible with most televisions, easy to use and easy to hook up! Although some apps may require a subscription to use, if it’s one that your giftee is super interested in, you could always consider paying for their subscription for the year as part of the gift to make it that much more special! 

7. Candy 

Candy is a traditional stocking stuffer that’s bought by most people, every year, for children and adults alike. While it’s hard to pick a bad candy, there are certain ones that have become synonymous with Christmas and will always come recommended, including Lifesavers, Terry’s Chocolate Oranges, chocolate coins and Santas, chocolate-marshmallow Santas and, of course, candy canes!

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8. Oranges 

There’s a ton of history behind why oranges are traditionally given in stockings, but for those who received them growing up, no explanation is needed to put a smile on their face simply seeing it in there is smile-inducing! If you’re stuffing a stocking for someone whose traditions you’re a little unsure of, though, perhaps just make sure that they’ve got a sense of humor!

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