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Spending my Fuel Rewards Savings

Spending my Fuel Rewards® Savings #ShellCrowd #fuelrewardsNow that I have been saving for a while with Fuel Rewards®, I would love to share a few things that we are doing with our money to make our week a little more enjoyable.

Did you know that little everyday savings can make your week more enjoyable? I know that this is exactly what happens for me and while I love saving, I also like doing something nice for myself or others that doesn't break the bank. Getting these Shell Fuel Rewards® means that I have a little money to play around with to do something that I might not otherwise have done.

Here are a few things that I definitely recommend that will definitely make your week more enjoyable:

  • Grab that coffee from Starbucks you have been craving
  • Pay it forward for the next person in the Starbucks line so they get free coffee
  • Grab that really fancy chocolate that you have always wanted to try
  • Spring for a brand new color of nail polish
  • Put some change in the change tray at the gas station (another way to pay it forward and help someone out)
  • Get a small gift card for a friend to brighten their day

Spending my Fuel Rewards® Savings #ShellCrowd #fuelrewards

Want your own Fuel Rewards®?

Shell's new Fuel Rewards® program helps its members save at least 3 cents per gallon just by swiping a free membership card. To be honest, it feels like breaking the bank to fill up on gas some days, doesn't it?  Shell’s Fuel Rewards® program means I pay less at the pump and save money as well.

Our fuel costs as a family seem to add up because of sports, carpool, activities and so much more. It feels sometimes like I am at the gas pump several days each week. Part of my everyday savings includes the money that I save every time I fill up my car with gas.

Shell is here to help because Fuel Rewards helps me cut back on fuel costs. Saving can be easy with Fuel Rewards, and, everyday savings add up! It is so easy to sign up. Simply head here and enter all of your pertinent information.

SIGN UP BONUS: Each new member gets a 25 cents per gallon sign up bonus!

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How will you spend your Fuel Rewards® Savings?

I created this post as part of a sponsored series with Socialstars and Shell; all opinions are my own. #ShellCrowd #fuelrewards

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