Stocking Stuffers for the Beautiful People in Your Life Christmas
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Stocking Stuffers for the Beautiful People in Your Life

Stocking Stuffers for the Beautiful People in Your Life

Your life is full of beautiful people. If you don’t believe me, just flip through your Facebook and Instagram feeds. They post photos every 10 minutes showing you just how beautiful they are, how happy they are, and how full and rich their lives are compared to yours. Best of all, it’s so effortless for them. That’s just how they look when they roll out of bed. Don’t you just hate them? We hope that you love this Stocking Stuffers for the Beautiful People in Your Life post. 

Stocking Stuffers for the Beautiful People in Your Life

Well, you can stop hating them, they are not any more beautiful and happy and fulfilled than you. To achieve this appearance, they have to work at it hard. They get up early so they can have time to put on their face. Their beauty product shelf is more like a closet. And they are always adding more to it. In other words, they're just like you. And there is nothing wrong with that.

Stocking Stuffers for the Beautiful People in Your Life

That should make holiday shopping easy as they want all the same things you want. So the next time you find yourself ordering a new and interesting beauty product, grab two, maybe more. If you aren’t headed to your favorite retailer any time soon, consider these products as gifts for all the beautiful people in your life:

Rosemary Hair Oil

Every beautiful person you know with hair spends a lot of time, money, and effort taking care of it. They have their favorite products. But they always have room for one more. Why not make a rosemary oil for hair as one more product for them this year? This particular oil:

  • features more than 30 essential oils and nutrients
  • is infused with Biotin
  • is perfect for daily use and specialized scalp treatments

This supports length mention, healing of split end, and helps prevent dry scalp. It is even good for people with braids and weaves. You know someone who can benefit from a product like this. So go ahead and grab a few of these great stocking stuffers.

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Moisturizing Hand Cream

There is a good chance those same friends of yours with hair might also have hands. That is the only green light you need to race for the moisturizing hand cream wherever fine hand creams are sold. Aveda Hand Relief Moisturizing Creme has some ingredients that I can get behind.  This is a serious treatment for dry, chapped, skin-damaged hands. It is an excellent choice for people with seasonal dryness. This company’s products are 99% from organic, natural products. You can find the following in the ingredient list:

  • Orange
  • Lavender
  • eucalyptus
  • Andiroba oil

You can get a small squeeze for just $10 and a larger one for $25. That is a small price to pay for keeping your hands in great shape. Naturally, you can find other thick, moisturizing creams for extremely dry hands. You will need one at your desk, one on the nightstand, one in your bag, and several more for all the beautiful people on your shopping list.

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Unique Jewelry

Expensive jewelry isn’t exactly a stocking stuffer unless that stocking is encrusted with diamonds. Why not do something more interesting and make it yourself? Bespoke and customized jewelry is having a moment. There is no reason why you shouldn’t get in on it. You can spend a lot of money having a piece commissioned. But the gift can be even more meaningful if you make it yourself. A young couple in love can turn a lightly decorated rubber band into a lifelong memento that is worn daily. You can do better than that. For the right person, such a thoughtful gift can mean the world. If you want beautiful customized jewelry and accessories for him, check out Stephen David Leonard for unique gift ideas.

Don’t just limit your creativity to Jewelry. Knit a scarf. Write a poem. Create a cartoon that tells the story of your friendship. Make a picture book. Create something meaningful, personal, and unique. The smile your gift plasters on their face will make them even more beautiful.

Whether it is an interesting hair product, healing hand cream, or a unique piece of jewelry, you will not have a hard time finding interesting ways to make someone’s day. We hope that you are inspired by this Stocking Stuffers for the Beautiful People in Your Life post. Happy shopping!

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