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Bounty DuraTowel – Tough & Germ Free

Bounty-Duratowel-1-size-3Did you know that after just one day's use, dishcloths can harbor and redeposit millions of germs on the surfaces you and your family come in contact with throughout the day?

 Ummm…yuck and how the heck did I not know this? I am so grossed out by that fact that I immediately wanted to throw away all my dishcloths and not use them again.

When I tried Bounty DuraTowel, I was amazed and definitely more interested in throwing away my dishcloths. Just one look at what I was using to wipe my counters and I knew that I needed to clean them all over again but this time with Bounty.

I would a dishcloth and clean the counter, stove plus other areas. Then I would hang the towel over the faucet so that it could dry and be used again. Although I replaced the dishcloth every few days, even using it one day was spreading an insane amount of germs around my house.

Bounty DuraTowel Dishcloth Inspired DesignABOUT BOUNTY DURATOWEL

Building on their 47 years of experience and innovation in consumer paper products, Bounty DuraTowel is based on extensive research, experimentation and feedback from the valued customers of P&G.  Bottom line, it gives moms what they need to help keep their kitchens clean.

Bounty DuraTowel feels and cleans like a cloth but is strong enough to tackle tough jobs like cleaning countertops, sinks, and even small appliances. Designed with more fibers that hold together even when wet, it provides the toughness you expect from the Bounty Brand with  a cloth-like feel that won’t compromise on clean.

In a secure P&G lab demonstration, a black light reveals that even after rinsing, a used dishcloth can still drag old clean-ups around. However, when you start fresh with a Bounty DuraTowel, you can feel good about tackling tough jobs knowing your DuraTowel will leave surfaces three times cleaner than a used dishcloth.*

Bounty DuraTowel


* A unique structure that provides outstanding performance when wet.

* Feels and cleans like a cloth with a new cloth-like embossed design.

* A fresh sheet is cloth-like and strong enough to tackle tough jobs like cleaning countertops, sinks and even small appliances.

* Leaves surfaces 3X cleaner than a germy dishcloth the could redeposit germs on surfaces you come in contact with throughout the day.



Bounty DuraTowel is available at food, grocery and mass market retailers like Target, Walmart and Kmart. The product was introduced in February of this year and retails for $3.19 (prices may vary).


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So if all of this hasn't convinced you to Ditch & Switch, just take a close look at your dishcloth and tell me what you see. I won't use anything else to clean my counters now.

 Bounty DuraTowel Ditch & SwitchI am working with P&G as an official member of the Blogger Brigade. Opinions are my own.


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  1. Pamela Halligan

    Bounty is my go-to towel. I’ve tried other brands, but always come back to Bounty. With three dogs and two kids, messes are a daily occurrence. I have yet to try the Bounty DuraTowel, but plan to. Thanks for the review.

  2. Sandy VanHoey

    I hadn’t heard about this one until just now. I love Bounty towels but this would be really great, especially since I am wiping counters down many times a day after my grandson. It is pretty gross thinking about all that is left behind on your dishcloth. I will usually change mine out every day but that is after tons of uses in 1 day. Hmmm!

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