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Our Fabulous Summer Vacation

Buckley Connerty

This was a very exciting Summer for my family. My husband had a month off of work. So we planned a fabulous road trip to sunny Orlando, Florida. We were even excited to be taking our dog, Buckley along for the ride.

We were thrilled to be chosen to be a part of the #HolidayRoads trip with Collective Bias and Bergan pet products. We were going to try out some of their products during our trip and even give some away to some other dog owners that we met while on the road.

A couple days before our trip, we headed to our local Walmart to purchase a Bergan harness for Buckley. We wanted to have a few days for him to get used to it. It actually didn't even take that long. He loved it the first day.

Here is a little snippet of our trip to Walmart:

More check-ins at Walmart Supercenter
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We put my son in charge of walking the dog for the most part during our trip. That is one of his duties at home and he was very excited to continue to do it on our Summer vacation. He also helped Buckley get used to the harness the first day after we bought it. Check out the footage:

More check-ins at Casa Connerty
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The giving away of the harnesses was one of the highlights of the trip according to my children. We were so excited to pick people at local dog parks, at the beach and even at a few highway rest stops on our way down to Orlando. My kids couldn't wait to give the harnesses away. It was like Christmas. Check out the lucky recipients and the cool canines we met along the way:

More check-ins at Local Dog Parks, Beach & Highway Rest Stops
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During the #HolidayRoads trip, we were also tasked with picking up another useful Bergan pet product along the way. This was a tough choice because these products are great. They are reasonably priced, durable and definitely useful. On this trip, we bought the only thing that we couldn't get on our first trip.

Check that trip out here:

More check-ins at Walmart Supercenter
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I am actually a little sad to be writing this post because it means that our wonderful trip is over, my husband has gone back to work from his month long sabbatical and Summer is quickly coming to end. I am a little teary eyed looking at the pictures and thinking how quickly they are growing up. I also love the fabulous Summer memories that we created this year.

My kids after a day of fun and facepainting in Orlando, Florida.

We loved being part of this project and especially enjoyed all of the furry friends (and some furry owners) we got to meet along the way. I especially want to thank Bergan for introducing us to some great products that I now cannot believe, as a pet owner, that I ever lived without.

I also want to say KUDOS to Bergan for participating in a project like this. This was a natural, organic way to really get to know their products and to introduce these products to some very grateful pet owners during our Summer vacation.

DISCLOSURE: I was given a stipend from Collective Bias and Bergan pet products to participate in the #HolidayRoads project. The money was theirs but the words are entirely my own.

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