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Creepy or Cozy? You Be The Judge

My mother lives with us. Most of the time. Well 90% of the time. The other 10% of the time she drives back home to North Carolina where she maintains a house that she owns.

She gets lonely. I get that. My children just adore her and frankly, I would probably never get a break if it weren't for her (or my dad & stepmother occasionally).

In fact, I am sitting here right now writing this post from my local, favorite bar wearing my “Mommy Needs a Time Out” shirt and sure enough, mommy is getting a time out. And throwing back a Bass or two or five.

Back to my story…six of us cram into live in three bedrooms. My two older kids share bunk beds and my mom sleeps in the same room as the baby who is still in a cage crib. Pretty cozy right?

There are times I feel that the lines are blurred between cozy and well…just plain creepy.

Today my husband and I were having a conversation about toothpaste, etc. We were enjoying a few moments alone in the bathroom. I know that this may sound odd but with three kids you gotta take the moments when you can get them and in our house, there aren't so many of these alone moments.

He has been using Rembrandt whitening toothpaste and mouthwash for the past few weeks. He was showing off his teeth to me and they look amazing. (BTW, my husband is a smoker and hates to smile because of how much he HATES his teeth.) So showing them off is a testimonial as to how great the product is.

I was telling him that he should get run and buy the Rembrandt teeth whitening kit. I had just used it and was very happy with the results. I thought that if combined another Rembrandt product, he may get even better results.

All of a sudden my mom ninja kicked popped out from around the door way and practically yelled said, “They do? Lemme see!” I peed a little screamed jumped back because she seriously scared the crap out of me. I said, “Mom, WHERE WERE YOU?” She ignored my screams apologized and then proceeded to try to get a gander at my husbands teeth.

THE DETAILS: To get to our bedroom, there is a long hall (we live in a 70's ranch house) and she had to travel 15-20 feet to get to our bathroom/bedroom. SHE FREAKIN' CAME OUT OF NOWHERE!

So you be the judge, CREEPY or COZY?

Give it to me straight, People. I CAN handle the truth.

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  1. Karen Chatters

    A little creepy. What was she doing there? And what did she think you were doing IN there? Mom’s are weird like that.

  2. Wow. Just wow. As I’m sitting with my inlaws (who have only been here for two days) and plotting ways to make them leave BEFORE MONDAY, I think you’re crazy. But it’s your mom. So that’s a little different. Still creepy, though.

  3. That sounds a bit creepy to me. I have to give it to you, I could know way in hell have any of my family live with me. eek.

  4. Honestly, a little too close for comfort.

    I can understand a some playfulness in certain situations. However, there’s something “holy” about the bathroom. It should garner the ultimate in privacy, conversations included!

  5. mom was totally spying on you.


  6. My mom and I do something similar so I TOTALLY get you. (But she lives 40 miles away, so she’s always going home at night.) She’s at my house all the time helping with my kids, etc. The only person who can answer that question is YOU. Only you would really know if she was spying on your or overheard your conversation cause of the close quarters.

    I honestly don’t think it’s creepy. I have a high tolerance for family interruptions. I would be lonely without so much love around me all the time anyway. 🙂

  7. LOL Honestly? A little creepy. What if you had been talking about contraceptives or something? lol Do you think she would have popped in then? lol

  8. valmg

    she was definitely spying.

  9. Lisa Mom of 2 Boys

    My mom and I are very close, unfortunately she lives in NY and I live in GA. I share everything with my mom so I wouldn’t be creeped out at all. I miss her and wish she were “spying” on me right now!

  10. That is a little creepy! LOL It’s nice that you have your mom’s help but I don’t think I could live that close to my mom for any period of time because she would be way into my personal life and well we don’t see eye to eye on life in general let alone how to raise my kids! Where did she come from?! LOL

  11. That’s definitely pretty creepy. Boundaries much?

  12. Karen Medlin

    Creepy, Mama needs to go home, you and hubby let a little quiet time with just you and the kiddos.

  13. Hmm, that could go either way. As we live above my inlaws in a tiny space with the two of us and two kids, I know it’s sometimes impossible to tell what is just cozy or completely creepy and crazy! Best wishes!

  14. Kelli

    You just proved my point! I have said for years that I would rather live in a cardboard box than ever live with my mom again. ROTFL! I LOVE my mom, she is my closest friend… long as she stays at her house and me at mine. 🙂

  15. Carol

    That was stinkin’ hilarious- great blog! Stopping on over from MBC. Carol from

  16. Storm

    Aye yi yi! I lean towards creepy. Cozy if it was a one bathroom house, maybe.

    That rocks though that she’s there so much that you can get some alone time! (Alone moment? What’s that? lol)

  17. I am definitely familiar with the 70’s style ranch because I live in one too. So my mental picture is telling me….*computing*…it’s creepy. She was already close, possibly even hoovering, to be able to jump into your conversation. But, it’s the situation you are in so I am glad you can find some humor in it.

  18. Maria

    LOL! I would say creepy, but even creepier if it was your mother-in-law!

  19. christina

    Hard to see the privacy lines… That is sad. When my dad died, my mom was SO lonely. She loves my kids, but she needed to create her own life, and she did- she started volunteering, playing cards with people, etc… and she met a very nice man that she spends a lot of time with and it help balances the time with my family and the time she is a “woman”. Hope that helps! I grew up with my grandma, and I have to say how much I still cherish that time I was able to spend with her christina

  20. ellen

    A little creepy but kinda fun the way you told the story 🙂 Its like she either had beeen standing there listening, and heaven forbid if you & hubby had decided to get frisky!

  21. Elizabeth I

    It probably was cozy but has now evolved into creepy….I can see that your mom may get lonely, but your family is not the entertainment committee. She will never develop any interests where she lives if she spends 90% of her time with you guys. If it really gets to be an issue, I would consider seeing a counselor together, who would hopefully help establish some boundaries for your mom.

  22. Laurie

    A little creepy for sure! My mom lives with us (100% of the time) but she would never appear near my bathroom, lol. We are lucky though, we have a developed basement so she has a little bit of space of her own (a bedroom and her own bathroom anyway) and there are some areas where we work hard to give each other enough space to make this work. Bathrooms are a big priority lol.

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