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Do good this holiday season with your old phone or tablet

T-Mobile #GivingTWOgether Phone Drive

You know those old phones that you have laying around your house? You know the kind I mean. They are several years old and seem to reappear every few months or so as someone in the house moves it around the house. THAT phone. Instead of letting it sit around your home, why not to put it to good use? Well now during this holiday season, your old phone or tablet can do a lot of good at T-Mobile and we want to share exactly how. We hope that you enjoy our Do good this holiday season with your old phone or tablet: T-Mobile #GivingTWOgether Phone Drive post.

Do good this holiday season with your old phone or tablet: T-Mobile #GivingTWOgether Phone Drive

Do Good with the T-Mobile #GivingTWOgether Phone Drive

T-Mobile is hosting the #GivingTWOgether Phone Drive this holiday season from December 1 – 31, 2017. During the month of December, you can recycle any old phone or tablet at a local T-Mobile store.  The best part is that T-Mobile will match your donation, after costs, and then they will donate the proceeds to Feeding America and Team Rubicon. The company  is pledging a minimum matching donation of $1,000,000 to be split evenly between the two charities which will:

  • buy at least 5,000,000 meals for hungry families
  • deploy 5,000 veterans to serve communities affected by disasters.

TheT-Mobile #GivingTWOgether Phone Drive is the perfect follow up to the recent #GivingTuesday when T-Mobile put their customers, employees and fans in charge of giving away up to $2 million to charity. In addition, T-Mobile, the official wireless sponsor of MLB, helped to raise awareness and more than $2.78 million for hurricane recovery & relief in the #HR4HR (Home Runs for Hurricane Recovery) program.

More than 135 million cell phones are trashed each year according to the EPA and T-Mobile wants to help change that with this program. Your old flip phone could buy a crucial piece of equipment for a disaster relief strike team member or 600 meals to those in need.  Head to T-Mobile.com/Ways-to-Give to get involved.

Do good this holiday season with your old phone or tablet: T-Mobile #GivingTWOgether Phone Drive

America's “Un-carrier” T-Mobile

As America's “Un-carrier”, T-Mobile has:

  • ended the 2-year contract
  • made unlimited data the industry standard
  • forced AT&T and Verizon to change the way they do business.

T-Mobile features not only the most advanced nationwide 4G LTE network but also fastest and most responsive.  In fact, T-Mobile customers get an LTE signal more often than customers of any other major wireless company while delivering outstanding wireless experiences to more than 70.7 million customers.

How to do good with your old phone or tablet

Head to your local participating T-Mobile store to drop off your tablets and/or cellphones. Make certain to remove all of your personal information.

There are no limits as to how many devices you can recycle so encourage friends and family to donate as well. Anyone can participate even if you are not a T-Mobile customer.

Did you know that your old or broken devices are worth roughly $30 on average? Find the estimated value of your devices (in good working condition): TMobile.com/CellphoneTradeIn.

Do good this holiday season with your old phone or tablet: T-Mobile #GivingTWOgether Phone Drive

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Disclaimer: This Do good this holiday season with your old phone or tablet: T-Mobile #GivingTWOgether Phone Drive post is sponsored by T-Mobile on behalf of Momtrends Media. All opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. This is a great way to get rid of all the old phones collecting dust around the house. Plus, it’s for a great cause as well

  2. I love the #GivingTWOgether – T-mobile has come a long way and I especially love how they changed the industry with contracts!

  3. This is a wonderful idea! And to know that it’s for a great cause is a win in my book!

  4. This is the answer to the (new) age old question: what to do with these old cell phones? I love that it’s also for a good cause.

  5. Oh this is a really nice idea. I hope Feeding America and Team Rubicon are able to help a lot of people because of this drive!

  6. This is great! I actually have 3 old cell phones that I can’t get much money for so I have been just hanging on to them. Now I can donate them and help others.

  7. Monica

    This is so wonderful. We have old phones stuffed in drawers that could be donated and put towards something good.

  8. That 2 million is going to help a lot of people! Such an wonderful way to give back. I know I have several old phones laying around. I’ll be sure to gather them up to turn into something good!

  9. This sounds like such an awesome program that T-Mobile has. I would much rather donate to a phone drive that will use the product for the good of others over throwing it away.

  10. brianne

    I literally have a pile of old phones that I would love to donate! This is such a great program! 

  11. Our Family World

    This is an awesome campaign. I love how T-Mobile initiated this movement. We have some old cellphones at home and I am going to collect them and donate! I hope other companies follow this lead. No more hungry families please!

  12. I think this is awesome, it’s really nice that T-Mobile is doing this to help those in need! We change our phones often and we easily leave the old ones in the house, without no use for it. This is the best way to give back!

  13. We have old phones that we don’t know what to do with and this is perfect for that! I think it’s awesome that you’re sharing this and spreading the word.

  14. If my phone was wiped clean, I might but right now it’s full of photos! It’s basically an expensive photo album for me – haha!

  15. This is a fantastic idea! And as I looked at your photo of all the different phones, I realize I’ve had almost all of them over the years! LOL! Also, after reading what T-Mobile offers in terms of plans, unlimited data, and no contracts, I’m thinking of checking them out because Verizon is so dang expensive! Merry Christmas to you and yours! Off to find those old phones I’ve stashed away.

  16. What a great program. We use our phones until they break or pass them on to someone else.

  17. What a great way to give purpose to old electronics we may not use anymore. Thanks for spreading awareness about this program.

  18. Soonjoo

    I didn’t know old phones can be $30 worth for turn in. I might go over our electric devices and give away this holiday to T-Mobile!

  19. What a way to keep them out of landfills and to feed hungry bellies. I know I have at least a dozen phone just sitting around not really sure what to do with them as I don’t want them to just end up in the landfill, this is great way to dispose of them and help out. So it’s win-win for everyone.

  20. I love this #GivingTWOgether – I have never heard about it before now and i think it’s a great idea. Thanks for highlighting it

  21. This seems like a great initiative from T-mobile. I will have to let some of my friends that have old phones know about this. It’s good that there are no limits on how many you can recycle.

  22. Hannah MArie

    This is a great activity and program to do. You are not just disposing your phone but also helping people. I love seeing practices like this.

  23. What great idea! I love seeing such a big company like t-Mobile doing something worthwhile and kind.

  24. This is so cool! We usually keep our phones for a couples years then pass them on to our kids or our parents.

  25. This is a great drive, as it keeps electronics out of the trash and declutters your house. I always give back my phone when I buy a new one just so I don’t have more stuff laying around. Thank you for sharing this great drive! 

  26. This is SUCH a good idea, well done T-mobile and to you for making me aware of it. I am in the UK but will look to see if we have something going on like this, I’d happily give my old phones away if it can contribute to something so wonderful!

  27. It’s always great to take part in giving back. Especially giving away old electronics.

  28. This is such a wonderful campaign to be part of. We have a few older phones we no longer use. I now know what I can do with them!

  29. That is a positive thing T-mobile is doing for the community. What a neat idea!

  30. Great, great resource! Thank you for sharing, I’m definitely going to look into this. We’ll be updating our phones this year, and I always want to do something useful with our old devices.

  31. This is such a great noble cause. Who doesn’t have extra phones lying around in house. Will donate mine.

  32. There are many old cell phones lying around in my house. It is great to read that I can give them for a great cause.

  33. Oh wow, this sound like something pretty cool! to do a matching donation definitely sounds very appealing and I bet many people will be open to donating their old phones~

    Provided that they do a complete erase of their old files~

  34. My family had a stash of phones we donated awhile back. Gosh I wish I had known about this program. Oh well. Glad T-Mobile is doing this. Old phones will accumulate as it’s been a pattern now to change every year to three!

  35. what a great idea, doing good for those that live on this good earth with us will help us all one day. Thanks for sharing

  36. Bobbi

    I absolutely love that they are doing this! I love being able to give back in any way that I can.

  37. I typically pass mine down to the kids. But after that there are still phones left eventually when we upgrade too right? This is a brilliant program. I am always looking for ideas for giving back and recycling electronics is super important to me. This would be great for us. 

  38. Cat

    My mom had used T-Mobile for years up until she moved to Alaska and they forced her to switch since they didnt have carriers up there when she moved. She looooooved T-Mobile! We had it my entire childhood. So great to see they are doing good things this holiday season

  39. What a good thing to do with the old cell phones and tablets that are collecting dust in our house. I love that T-mobile is giving back to the community with this phone drive.

  40. Amy

    Gosh, we definitely have many of these model lying around. I do however know some people who prefer older flip phones.

  41. Oh what an awesome cause! I have a few phones lying around that I could definitely donate and help out!

  42. Reesa Lewandowski

    I have an entire drawer full of phones. I need to donate them! Thank you for the info!

  43. This is amazing! I had no idea my old phones could help others! Such an amazing project!

  44. This is a great cause! I have so many old phones I could donate. 

  45. Ruth I.

    This is such a great program! Many still have that phone and this is the best way to let go of it.

  46. This is such a great campaign by T-Mobile. I think we have old phones and tablets here that we can donate. I will have to check.

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