How to Keep Feet Moisturized Foot Care Tips

How to Keep Feet Moisturized

How to Keep Feet Moisturized how to keep feet soft and moisturized how to moisturize feet overnightHow to Keep Feet Moisturized

Your feet work hard every day of your life, carrying you wherever you want to go and sometimes we don't take the best care of our feet. And in the summer, they're on display more than in any other season, so you want them to look good as well as feel good. Here's how to take care of your feet, how to keep feet soft and callous free plus how to moisturize feet overnight. We hope that you find this How to Keep Feet Moisturized post useful.

How to Keep Feet Soft and Callous Free

Keep your feet clean and fresh.

In the summer, feet perspire more – just like the rest of you. Excess moisture means you're more likely to develop fungal infections such as athlete's foot, which is not at all glamorous with strappy sandals. It itches, too. As if that wasn't bad enough, stale perspiration can make your feet smell, so wash them regularly, pat dry with a soft towel and apply a little foot powder to keep them fresh and dry.

Rotate your sandals, to give them time to dry out, rather than reaching for your favourite pair automatically which is also something we do for our feet while on vacation. Carry a cooling gel or spray to freshen up hot, tired feet, and you'll sail through the summer.

How to Keep Feet Moisturized

Keep your feet moisturised. 

Do you know how to how to deep moisturize feet or how to moisturize feet overnight? Feet need moisture too, especially in hot, dry weather. Moisturise your feet every day, and especially after swimming, when salt and chlorine can dry out the skin on the feet. If your feet are really dry, coat them with Vaseline, put on some cotton socks and leave overnight. Your feet will be silky smooth in the morning.

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Use an SPF on your feet. 

While most people apply sunscreen religiously to the rest of their bodies, the feet are often forgotten. Just look around and see how many pairs of red, sore feet are walking around, and you'll realise how common this is. Apply sunscreen generously to the top of your feet and around the heels and ankles before you put on your sandals, and use a higher factor than for the rest of your body.

Your feet are covered up for long periods of the year, so they're more susceptible to sunburn. When you're stretched out on the beach or by the poolside, remember to apply sunscreen to the soles of the feet as well. And wear beach shoes when walking on hot sands or tiles, so as not to burn your feet.

Wear the right shoes.

Fashionable thin-soled sandals may seem ideal for summer weather, as they're so lightweight, but, according to Dr Alexandra Buk, they do not provide enough support and cushioning for the feet when the heat is on. Sandals with a sturdy sole and low, wider heels are more comfortable and offer more support.

Flip-flops can cause blisters around the area of the toe post, and cracked heels if they're not big enough. Choose flip-flops made of natural fabrics such as linen and soft leather, and ensure they are the right size for your feet.

Remember your feet have to last you for life, so take care of them (learn how to deep moisturize feet, how to moisturize feet overnight and how to keep feet soft and callous free) and give them a little pampering – especially in summer. I hope you've learned how to keep feet soft and moisturized. We also hope that you are inspired by these Summer Foot Care Tips. Thanks for reading!

How to Keep Feet Moisturized

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