Summer Rewind: A Look at This Year’s Swimwear Trends

Summer Rewind: A Look at This Year’s Swimwear Trends

Summer Rewind: A Look at This Year’s Swimwear TrendsSummer Rewind: A Look at This Year’s Swimwear Trends

Each year, it seems like society takes one giant collective step forward towards new fashion trends. That's because more people step outside of the box, embrace who they want to be, and cast aside societal norms. Those people are crucial to furthering fashion in the years to come, especially when one of those years is plagued by a pandemic. The 2020 year meant changes for many, including the fashion industry. We hope that you love this Summer Rewind: A Look at This Year’s Swimwear Trends post. 

Despite everything, people still shopped because shopping is necessary; it's a stress-reliever and something to put a bright spot in a dark time. This summer, as more people shopped online than ever before, boutique swimwear was in high demand. Shoppers gravitated towards more exclusive designs to express their individuality as they connected primarily through social media. Here are some of the other trends we saw. 

Summer Rewind: A Look at This Year’s Swimwear Trends | Swimsuit Style

Tassels Made a Comeback

Swimwear saw one fascinating trend this year that perhaps no other article of clothing has seen. Tassels! The brand Hilor created an incredibly flattering line of high waisted bikinis with adorable tassels. The triangle bikini tops and matching bottom comes in various patterns such as floral, stripes, polka dots, solids, and more. They found wild success on Amazon thanks to being praised by countless Instagram influencers. 

High Waisted Swimwear that Flatters and Shapes

High-waisted bikinis have been around for a while, but they've never actually been considered sexy. That is until 2020 rolled around and changes in swimsuit style. High waisted swimsuits are now incredibly flattering because they're not hiding your body under a sack anymore. High waisted swimwear is designed to give women a little extra support and a little extra coverage in areas they don't want attention drawn too. The bikini bottoms are then cut in a way that accentuates other areas such as your butt and legs. 

Neon, Neon, and More Neon

A huge trend in all areas of fashion lately has been neon. There's been such a push towards resurrecting neon from the 1980s, and while it doesn't work with every article of clothing, it definitely works with swimwear. That's because the bright and shimmery yellow, pink, and blue shades go well against sun-kissed summer skin. Neon is also great because it's just so bright and fun, the perfect complement to the whole vibe of summer. Neon is also worn by those who dare to be bold. It's definitely swimwear that will get you noticed in a crowd.

A Little Bit of Sequin Bling

Sequins are another item that has made a comeback from a different decade. This time, they're being found all over bikini tops and bottoms. That's because sequins are fun, sexy, and a little bit outside of the norm. More people are gravitating towards something with a bit of added bling because they want to stand out is a fun swimsuit style trend. This swimwear is perfect for a party, date night, and it photographs very well.

Mesh Cutouts Are The Way to Go

One-pieces have made a major comeback and have gotten a major facelift. No longer do they cover a person's entire body. Now, they are designed to be just as sexy as any two-piece swimsuit that's on the market. One way designers have discovered how to do that is with mesh swimwear. Swimsuit material on your thighs, collarbone, and stomach can be cut out and replaced with mesh to create a sexy illusion. Mesh swimsuits commonly come in black, but recently, neon mesh has skyrocketed in popularity. Ultimately, mesh swimsuits are popular because it's a way to show a little skin while still providing support and modesty.

COVID And New Swimwear Trends

Swimwear reached new heights this year, and part of that is due to COVID-19. People were encouraged to spend as much time outdoors as possible, and since that was during the summer, it was only natural that they wanted to lounge around or go swimming. 

This was also a year for people to be adventurous with their fashion choices, seeing as how they weren't around others who could potentially judge. People were able to test the waters and see how new styles and trends suited their bodies. This was a time that was great for people's self-esteem because, for the first time, they truly got to wear what made them happy. 

It seemed that so far, this has been a year where people are finding themselves. That will prove interesting for fashion choices made going forward. We hope that you are inspired by this Summer Rewind: A Look at This Year’s Swimwear Trends post. Happy shopping!

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