5 Tips For Buying Suits For Every Occasion

5 Tips For Buying Suits For Every Occasion

Choosing Stylish Suits Tips for Every Occasion

When it comes to men's wardrobe essentials, it's critical to invest in at least one good suit. However, if you lead a busy life that requires you to attend various events with specific suit requirements, it may be impractical to spend money on several suits. Consider looking for a piece that you can wear in various situations.

Searching for the right suit can be a frustrating task if it's your first time. Whether it's for an upcoming job interview, the workplace, a wedding, or a formal occasion, here are a few insightful pointers to help you find the right one. 

Selecting the Right Suit: Essential Tips for Any Event

  1. Consider Your Specific Requirements

When shopping for a suit, the first question to ask yourself is, ‘Why do I need this?’ Consider what kind of event you’ll be going to when you buy the outfit. Also, think about how you might use it in the future. Bespoke Unit explains that it’s important to understand why you need a suit before making a purchase. 

For instance, if you're planning on buying a suit for an upcoming business conference, check out your choices and consider whether you can use it for other occasions. Don't forget to think about the patterns or colors during the selection. 

Ideally, choose options that you can use in a variety of situations. A versatile suit is a good investment and saves you the hassle of buying a new one if an event arises. 

  2. Choosing The Best Style That Works For You

You now have a plethora of options to choose from. It's best to choose a style that genuinely complements your own.

Consider a single-breasted suit in charcoal or solid navy if this is your first time purchasing a suit. It's a versatile choice you can wear at job interviews, weddings, or almost any event, along with a designer piece you have, such as a pair of shoes or a timepiece.

Although black suits were the standard, they're too formal for daily wear, but if your lifestyle requires you to attend various formal events now and then, a black suit will work. As for suits in shades of tan or brown, they exude a casual look. 

Patterned suits such as plaids, stripes, or checks impart an extra flair but might appear flashy in conservative business environments. Remember that bold patterns add an extra challenge when coordinating them with your shirt and tie.  5 Tips For Buying Suits For Every Occasion

 3. Find Out About Proper Sizing And Fit

When buying one for the first time, the suit's fit is important. Suit sizes are determined by chest measurements, typically in even numbers. During the selection process, you'll discover that various suits of the same size tend to fit differently, especially from one designer to another. The reason is that it depends on the way they're cut. 

For a flattering look, men with a large and bulky frame should choose a suit with a generous cut and extra space, while men with a lean frame should choose a slim-fit suit. The majority of designers today offer a variety of cuts to try out, so make sure you spend time trying out several options to find the right one. 

When checking out the fit, there are several key things to watch out for. The shoulder pad edges should line up with the outside of your shoulder. It's critical to get the shoulder fit right because it's a fixed part of the suit.

Sleeves must end at the wrist bone, allowing your shirt to protrude about half an inch. The back of the jacket must be positioned smoothly between the shoulders without signs of stretching or puckering. 5 Tips For Buying Suits For Every Occasion

When standing with your arms at your sides, the suit should reach the middle of your palm. Lastly, when buttoning the suit, the lapels should lie flat, and there should be no tightness in the chest area. It shouldn't be too tight or too slack, so keep that in mind.

 4. Decide On A Budget Range

A suit can cost anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Although thrift stores may have inexpensive options, you can't always be sure you'll get the right fit or the style you want. Consider setting aside a budget of USD 200 to USD 2,000 if you want to find the perfect suit.

You'll come across several suit options during your search, including ready-made, custom, and bespoke. Ready-made or off-the-rack options are those hanging on the racks in stores. Generally, these options will be adequate, and you're more likely to find great deals. 

On the other hand, custom or made-to-measure suits are made to fit your measurements using various pre-cut pieces. It's a good option if you're hard to fit. 

>Meanwhile, a bespoke suit is made from scratch using your exact measurements. If you're buying your first suit, a bespoke option shouldn’t be your first choice due to the higher price tag, unless you have the financial means to do so.

 5. Select An Appropriate Material

When you have the budget, consider investing in a suit in 100% wool since it's a clear sign of quality. Wool is an expensive material that comes in various blends. The higher the wool content, the superior the quality.

Although going for blends can save money, it might indicate a low-end suit. In most cases, the manufacturer who uses blends likely sacrifices overall quality.

But if you're looking to spend thousands on a suit, 100% wool options with Super 80, Super 100, and other designations are available. Generally, a higher number indicates a tighter yarn, ensuring a more elegant fit. 

Final Thoughts 

Finding a versatile suit that you can wear to job interviews, weddings, or any upcoming event or occasion can be challenging, especially if it's your first time. With the help of these insightful tips, they'll serve as your guide in finding the ideal one. Make the right decision by purchasing a suit that you can wear on various occasions. 5 Tips For Buying Suits For Every Occasion

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