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Have you shopped for patio cushions lately?

With Spring coming up, this is the perfect time to upgrade your outdoor furniture cushions. Your patio can easily be a direct reflection of your in home style and indeed your life.

Check out what is available from Summer Living Direct. They have patio cushions available in custom as well as common sizes. You can even choose the fabric.

These cushions are made with high quality fill and top quality outdoor fabric.

So whether you go with stock size cushions or create a custom look, Summer Living Direct can help you get the patio of your dreams.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.

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  1. Eileen

    I never had them before and got some nice cushions on a great sale mid summer…but didnt put them in storage like I should have.I might have to find some replacements due to mildew. dern…but have seen this brand before and so nice you can pick fabrics! ‘would so love to have some “designer” items like this for my porch! thanks Stacie!

  2. Debra P

    I”m going to check this out for sure because ours are fading and need replacement. I think that a simple touch such as this can really spruce up the backyard. It’s amazing how little touches brighten and modernize.

  3. ellen

    I havent replaced mine in eons! Ours tend not to get used for anything formal or even nice- hubby has a bonfire and pulls them up next to it. I dont think they guys notice the nice cushions and have ruined them! My next set I am chaing to the ground so they cant be moved 🙂

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