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Similac StrongMoms Baby Journal App Review

I was recently asked to review the Similac Baby Journal App from the Apple iTunes store.

About the Similac StrongMoms Baby Journal App:

Track your baby's feeding, sleeping, diaper changes and growth in this convenient application. See tips and advice from the makers of Similac and other Moms and Dads like you. View graphs that show your baby's development over time and easily share this information with your family and Pediatrician via email.

Feeding Journals
Whether you breast or bottle feed, the Baby Journal app makes it easy to track the details. The app instantly creates a journal entry and summary that suggests the next feeding time, lets you view trends that can help predict a daily feeding schedule, and can instantly connect you with feeding tips and a live feeding expert.

Feeding Trends
See feeding duration graphs and important stats like average time between feedings, average amounts consumed, average duration, and total bottles. Email these reports to your pediatrician or dad with the tap of a finger.

The Similac Baby Journal app is the only journal that does more than track information—it keeps you on track with your baby's schedule.

My thoughts:

The app was very easy to download from the store. I quickly launched it on my iPad so I could check it out.

I found the interface very easy to use and to get in & out of the available tabs. It is so easy to track information and to really see where you are at with feeding plus diapering.

I thought it was great that you could track your time for breastfeeding but I am not sure how much I would do this during those middle of the night feedings. However, you can go in and manually enter the information.

The app is perfect for:

New Moms and those who track everything. I am not sure how much I would use it for Baby #2 and beyond but I really like the capabilities. I probably wouldn't use it for very long.

DISCLOSURE: This post was sponsored by Collective
Bias and Similac. The opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Eileen

    THIS is Great! Especially for a premie! I have a nephew that had a lil one at under 2lbs and when they got her home they had to track and chart everything. how much easier to do it this way. I cant even believe the technology now. My SIL tracks her 4 year old’s blood sugar on an app like this. Amazing!
    Just happen to have a daughter who just recently announced she is expecting so this will be something I will pass on to her! thanks!

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