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Style Tips for a Holiday of a Lifetime

Style Tips for a Holiday of a LifetimeStyle Tips for a Holiday of a Lifetime

Holidays are a time when we make beautiful memories that we feed on for years to come. Naturally, you’d like to look your best and brightest during your trip, so packing the right clothes will be key to creating the look you’ll be happy to see in your holiday photos.These style tips keep you travelling light and looking great, no matter what. We hope that you love these Style Tips for a Holiday of a Lifetime.

Style Tips for a Holiday of a Lifetime

1. Choose Crease-Proof Fabrics or Pack a Travelling Iron

Regardless of how carefully we pack, clothes get creased and crumpled en route to our destinations. Avoid sporting a travel-weary look by choosing fabrics that won’t crease, or make room in your luggage for a small travelling iron. Since ironing probably isn’t on your holiday bucket list, the former idea is certainly easier and means you have one less thing to find room for in your luggage.

2. Get a Figure-Flattering Bathing Suit or Two

“Figure flattering” doesn’t necessarily mean choosing the briefest bathing suit you can find unless you’re confident you can carry it off. Choose what works for you in terms of color and cut. You want to feel confident and carefree in and out of the water. 

If you’re into sea-swimming, bikinis may not be the best choice, but that doesn’t mean you have to look like a swim team schoolgirl. Push up one piece swimsuits flatter your assets and can withstand the occasional dunking by a particularly turbulent wave without “malfunctioning” in embarrassing ways. 

3. Pack at Least One Smart and Sexy Outfit

Your casual clothes will see the most use while you are relaxing on holiday, but you’re sure to enjoy dining out in the evenings. Be sure to pack at least one really attractive dress  or skirt and top combo for those evenings out on the town. Your wardrobe standard little black dress could be just the thing since you can change the look with accessories as needed.

Style Tips for a Holiday of a Lifetime4. Pick Mix-and Match Casuals

Although it would be nice to have an altogether different outfit for every day of your holiday, you can’t possibly lug half your wardrobe along. Choose casualwear that allows for a little mixing and matching so that you can create several different looks using the same items. Denim shorts and jeans are easy neutral standbys. Vary your look with a variety of tops and accessories.

5. Sensible Shoes, Smart Shoes, and Sandals

Unfortunately, the prettiest shoes aren’t usually all that practical, but you’ll lose your unruffled and stylish cool if you find yourself struggling with footwear during outdoor activities. One pair of shoes suitable for hiking or long walks in which you explore your surroundings will help you to maintain your dignity. Pretty sandals that are equally at home at the beach or the club can double as a two-in-one solution. You will need at least one pair – more if there’s room in your luggage.

6. One Handbag and Statement Accessories

One neutral handbag suitable for any occasion should be all you need. Keep your clothing and shoe choices in mind when making a neutral selection. If you’re lucky when shopping around, you might even be able to pick up a handbag that adjusts from a neat city-life size to a roomy beach bag or shopper in one.

Your other accessories will help you to vary the look of your mix-and-match clothing. Choose statement pieces and  let yourself go when making your choices. Accessories, with the possible exception of hats, don’t take up much space in your luggage  and can transform your look.

Ready for Anything

You’re almost ready to go! Do remember, however, that weather can be treacherous. Think about what you will do if it gets cold or rainy, and add some contingency items to cover those scenarios. A stylish holiday awaits – make your look something you’ll be proud to share on your favorite social media platforms.

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