Putting Together the Perfect Outfit

Putting Together the Perfect Outfit


Putting Together the Perfect Outfit

Sometimes it’s easier to just throw on something comfortable before leaving the house. It’s always okay to dress however you want to, and it’s not required to look like you stepped out of a fashion magazine every day. If you do, however, want to work on your style more, there are ways to transform just about any outfit. The key is understanding what style you’re going for and how to properly accessorize the outfit. We hope that this Putting Together the Perfect Outfit post inspires you. 

Pick the Main Part of the Outfit

Before trying to find the right accessories, you should determine the highlight of your outfit. Are you going to wear a dress or a fancy blouse? It’s good to know what kind of look you’re going for before planning the pieces that will complete this outfit. Something casual will require a different look than if you’re trying to aim for something more formal. 

It’s essential to wear properly fitting clothes for a stylish outfit unless you’re going for an extra casual baggy look. The highlight of your outfit can be based on a few factors, including color, shape, striking elements, and texture. You can choose to add in multiple focal points or keep it simple with just one. When piecing your outfit together, you should make sure each piece is connected in some way so the outfit flows well together. 

Choose Suitable Footwear

The footwear you choose should make sense for your outfit. Women’s sandals are pretty versatile and can pair nicely with a variety of outfits. The shoes you select should match the level of formality of your outfit. This means you should pair dresses and skirts with pumps and a working-out outfit or a sporty look with a pair of comfortable sneakers.

Your shoes should match something in your outfit, such as your handbag, pants, or shirt. If you do not have shoes that match the color you’re wearing, the shoes should be darker. Ideally, your shoes and handbag should match colors as well. If you want to wear bold shoes with patterns and/or textures, you should pair that with a simple outfit. Less is more. 

Consider Statement Jewelry

Statement jewelry means bold pieces that allow men and women to express their personalities through style. Statement pieces will typically be the first thing that people notice when looking at your outfit. You can choose to wear multiple types of jewelry to complete your outfit, but you should only have one statement piece. A simple outfit can get completely transformed by adding just one statement piece to it. 

Big accessories should be paired with simple clothing options. If you’re going to use statement jewelry, avoid wearing busy patterns. The reason for this is that the whole point of statement jewelry is to stand out, and it won’t do that if your outfit has a lot going on elsewhere. 

Add a Matching Handbag 

If you’re someone that doesn’t mind swapping out handbags to match your outfit, then you should keep a variety of options to choose from. As stated above, your handbag should match the color of your shoes for the most well-balanced look. You should always keep the occasion in mind when selecting your handbag because not all of them will work for every occasion. 

You don’t necessarily need to own the most expensive handbags to make your outfit stand out. Find something that matches your lifestyle and your personality. You can choose to make your handbag your statement piece, and therefore it wouldn’t have to match anything else so it stands out. 

Determining If You Want More Accessories

Accessories are a great addition to any outfit, but it’s important not to go overboard. Too many pieces of jewelry can be a distraction and may make your outfit look unorganized. If you choose big earrings, then you should stick with a simple necklace, or you can choose not to wear one at all. You can wear multiple bracelets at once because layering looks great. 

Your style should be an accurate representation of who you are. Avoid wearing clothes that you’re not comfortable in just because they’re trendy. Stick to clothing that makes you feel confident. We hope that this Putting Together the Perfect Outfit post inspires you. Happy shopping!

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