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Spray ‘n Wash® Bright & White Official Mom Panel Member – Win Your Own Bottle

Spray 'n WashWoohoo! Finally my years of hoping that my mother will come over to do my laundry slaving over a hot dryer are paying off. I have been chosen as a founding member of my absolute favorite laundry brand, Spray ‘n Wash. I am now a Spray ‘n Wash® Bright & White Official Mom Panel Member. New Spray ‘n Wash Bright & White is the hero of the laundry room – saving clothes from the negative effects of chlorine bleach accidents while fighting stains and keeping colors bright and whites white.

Ever had one of those ridiculous bleach spots on a shirt or pair of pants that just ruined the entire outfit? I have done this so many times and it is embarassing. If the item is black, I have been known to grab my favorite Sharpie (darn, aren't those things all purpose?) and just color in the spot. But as luck would have it, most of the time the item is not black and is ruined. This is so incredibly frustrating and embarrassing.

Spray 'n WashWith Spray ‘n Wash Bright & White, there is no more risk of chlorine bleach accidents! Plus Spray ‘n Wash Bright & White is a safe bleach  alternative, even on garments whose labels warn against the use of bleach. The unique stain-fighting formula brightens colors while delivering incredible whitening benefits.  Featuring the stain-fighting power of Resolve™, Spray ‘n Wash Bright & White when added to detergent successfully eliminates stains without the risk of bleach accidents and spills. It is a single in-wash stain-fighting solution, saving clothes and fighting dirt.

Spray ‘n Wash Bright & White is a new safe alternative to bleach. It is an in-wash product that whitens, brightens and removes stains on your garments – keeping your family’s clothes vibrant and safe from bleach accidents.

Spray 'n WashStop! Listen to your clothes. A recent study found:

-97% of clothing labels warn against using bleach

-98% of white clothing labels warn against using bleach

-79% of respondents have had accidents while using chlorine bleach to do their laundry

Spray ‘n Wash Bright & White is developed for use in the wash with detergent, but it has several versatile applications on a variety of fabrics in every color:
In-wash treatment
Pre-wash spot treatment
Pre-wash soak treatment
Compatible with High Efficiency detergent

Spray ‘n Wash® is also giving you, the readers, a chance to try this fabulous new product. They are supplying me with cute washing machine-themed boxes and full-size products for two readers. To enter this giveaway:


1. Post a comment below about your last laundry mishap.

2. Enter to win your own Luxe Laundry Room Makeover by heading over to ListenToYourClothes.com to share a bleach accident story. You could win one of more than 80 prizes throughout  the year,  including our grand prize – a laundry room makeover, one year supply of Bright & White, and  a clothing stipend…in total valued at $10,000! Sweepstakes is open for entry through  December 31, 2009.

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You can also grab a coupon for the new Spray ‘n Wash® Bright & White here. Giveaway ends April 10th.

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  1. My biggest laundry accident is my significant other , Ron. He is a diesel mechanic & sees nothing wrong with throwing all of his greasy clothes in with my jeans and shirts. I often have grease spots on clothes.

    Thanks for stopping by my new blog, Bloggers Connect and participating in the fun!

  2. OMG, It’s a joke whenever I do laundry. I can’t ever get anything out and end up throwing clothes away or giving them to my mother-in-law to wash.

    Hey thanks for stopping by my personal blog! That’s so funny how you found me tonight…there’s like hundreds of blogs on that list!

    I didn’t start losing weight till I found an exercise that I liked. When I was turned on to Billy Blank’s Tae Bo, the rest was history. You gotta do what you like or you can’t stick with it and my biggest problem was boredom. Anyways…it was so awesome talking to you..can’t wait to see you at the Bookieboo party!

  3. Hi, I found your site through the slogbite game. I too have a giveaway on my site – it’s the last day today:


  4. RefreshMom

    How cool to be on the panel! I love when companies ask for my opinion on stuff.

    Thankfully I haven’t had too many serious laundry mishaps (apart from the time a couple years ago when I left one of those really long-lasting lipstick things–the kind you brush on–in my khaki-colored raincoat pocket and tossed it in the dryer at a friends’ house to dry off. Who knew the bottom of those things pops right out? Plummy, permanent lipcolor allllll over that poor coat! That taught me to ALWAYS check the pockets!)

    Thanks for stopping by RefreshMoments during the UBP. Drop by again today and next Tuesday to get your name in the hat a couple more times for the “Afternoon Tea in a Box” giveaway!

  5. corline

    Thank you for visiting my blog: overthetopaprons.blogspot.com. I sincerely appreciate your nice comments about my aprons!

    I use to use Spray&Wash and then went to another brand — but from your review I will give Spray&Wash a try. When I sent out my aprons to customers I always suggest ….. for spotting before washing; but I will definitely give Spay&Wash a try! Corline

  6. I just dried my favorite wool sweater and it can now fit one of my son’s teddy bears!

  7. I always seem to somehow get a spot of bleach on my clothes that I’m wearing when I pour it into the washer. =( So not cool.

  8. I put one of my daughter pink bows in the wash and it died my favorite dress pink. I was so upset.

  9. I washed a red flannel sheet set, and some whites got mysteriously added to the wash. Needless to say the white tshirts were pink after that!

  10. Tamara B.

    I accidentally washed a new pair of denim pair of shorts with some light colored shirts of my daughters and what a mess.

  11. Tamara B.

    I am a subscirber.

  12. Tamara B.

    I left a comment on Father Of The Blog under Hop On This – Win A Tag Reading System From LeapFrog

  13. Beth

    Oh my blunders I do have. I am not one to sort clothes other than whites from darks. I put darks in a the washer and asked my DH to add bleach to them. I forgot that I had darks in there. Oh how embarrassing since I was at the laundromat.

  14. usualy my mother in law does our laundry. but when i do it i try to avoid an accidents by using no bleach and not seperating the laundry. lol. wich im sure one day will be a big mistake. lol.
    thanks for the opportunity.

  15. Just stopping by to say crangrats on becoming a Spray ‘n Wash® Bright & White Official Mom Panel Member. That is so cool! I really don’t need a laundry makeover my husband gutted our whole house and in the process one of the things he did was make me a too die for laundry room. Good luck on your giveaway!

  16. Just stopping by to say congrats on becoming a Spray ‘n Wash® Bright & White Official Mom Panel Member. That is so cool! I really don’t need a laundry makeover my husband gutted our whole house and in the process one of the things he did was make me a too die for laundry room. Good luck on your giveaway!

  17. Not knowing that I intentionally set it aside, hubby put my red tee in the washer together with his white tees and pushed the button. He got some new pink tees out of this laundry.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  18. Forget to mention that I also entered the sweepstakes.

  19. Subscribe via email
    beatspammer at gmail dot com

  20. Faved you on Technorati (icefairyisme)

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