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I had the opportunity to try Spinlash. If you are not familiar with Spinlash, it is the “Mascara That Revolves Around You.” Here is what Spinlash gives you:

  • Perfect Lashes Every Time
  • The First Mascara That Lines, Coats & Curls All At The Same Time!
  • Twice The Volume Half the Time
  • No More Clumps
  • Gently Rotates 360°
  • Big Sexy Eyes

I tried Spinlash and it worked well. My lashes looked full and great. Here is your opportunity to try it for yourself.

How to Enter:

Visit the Spinlash website and tell me something that you learned about the product.

Extra Entries:
1. Subscribe to my email updates – 3 entries
2. Favorite me in Technorati (button in network section on right) (leave ID)- 3 entries
3. Blog about this giveaway (please leave link) – 5 entries
4. Add The Divine Miss Mommy button to your blogroll (please leave link) – 3 entries
5. Add a comment to any post on my blog (please leave link) – 1 entry for each comment
6. Enter any of the Summer Blast Bash giveaways either here, Good Golly Miss Blondie, or The Mud Bug and leave a comment here telling me which ones you entered – 1 entry for each giveaway entered

Giveaway ends Friday, July 10, 2009 at 11:59 pm EST

**Please leave one separate comment for each entry**

One (1) winner will be chosen randomly from all valid entries for each prize listed. The winner will then be emailed once and that winner must claim their prize within 48hrs or a new winner will be picked or live giveaway will be done.

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  1. The gentle moving brush prevents clumping, which is always a problem I have with mascara 🙂

  2. I entered the Mud Bug Sedu/Solia contest 🙂

  3. I entered the Timex giveaway from Mud Bug

  4. Lindsay

    The First Mascara That Lines, Coats & Curls All At The Same Time! – i like how that sounds

  5. Jenny Martin

    SPINLASH™ is a part of the AKASHA™ line of interactive cosmetics coming soon to retailers near you

  6. Jenny Martin

    I subscribe 1

  7. Jenny Martin

    i subscribe 2

  8. Jenny Martin

    i subscribe 3

  9. Susan K

    I learned that it lengthens and thickens by spinning around

  10. bridget3420

    I learned that when you order it, you get 2 brushes.

  11. bridget3420

    Email subscriber

  12. bridget3420

    2 email subscriber

  13. bridget3420

    3 email subscriber

  14. bridget3420

    Technorati fave – bridget3420

  15. bridget3420

    2 Technorati fave – bridget3420

  16. bridget3420

    3 Technorati fave – bridget3420

  17. bridget3420

    Entered Lazy Enviromentalist giveaway

  18. bridget3420

    Entered Do-Over giveaway

  19. bridget3420

    Entered How I Got To Be giveaway

  20. bridget3420

    Entering Casio giveaway by Good Golly

  21. susan

    I learned that there is a 30 day money back guarantee!

  22. susan

    I faved in Technorati (susanlanai) 1.

  23. susan

    I faved in Technorati (susanlanai) 2.

  24. susan

    I faved on Technorati (susanlanai) entry 3.

  25. susan

    I entered the Sedu/Solia Giveaway.

  26. susan

    I entered the Timex Giveaway.

  27. susan

    I entered the Creative – Vado HD Giveaway.

  28. susan

    I entered the FLOR Giveaway.

  29. susan

    I entered the Evolve Showerheads Giveaway.

  30. susan

    I entered the Playskool – Super Soaker 50 Giveaway.

  31. susan

    I entered the Frecklebox Giveaway.

  32. susan

    I entered the EyeBuyDirect Giveaway.

  33. susan

    I entered the See Kai Run Giveaway.

  34. susan

    I entered the Thomas the Train – Spin & Fix Giveaway.

  35. susan

    I entered the Sesame Street Giveaway.

  36. susan

    I entered the Cedar Valley Publishing Giveaway.

  37. susan

    I entered the Casio Camera Giveaway.

  38. susan

    I entered the Piggy Paint Giveaway.

  39. susan

    I entered the Kinesys Sunblock Giveaway.

  40. susan

    I entered the Ouchies Bandaids Giveaway.

  41. susan

    I entered the Baseball Activity Book Giveaway.

  42. susan

    I entered the Hip-T Giveaway.

  43. susan

    I entered the Bedtime with Elmo DVD Giveaway.

  44. susan

    I entered The Bomb Mom Giveaway.

  45. ktanjatk

    I learned that the SPINLASH rotates two ways for upper and lower lashes and to accommodate right and left-handed users.

  46. ktanjatk

    email subscriber

  47. ktanjatk

    email subscriber

  48. ktanjatk

    email subscriber

  49. ktanjatk

    Entered Good Golly Miss Blondie’s Casio Camera Giveaway

  50. ktanjatk

    Entered Good Golly Miss Blondie’s Kinesys Sunblock Giveaway

  51. ktanjatk

    Entered Mud Bug’s Timex Giveaway

  52. ktanjatk

    Entered Mud Bug’s Creative Giveaway

  53. ktanjatk

    Entered Mud Bug’s FLOR Giveaway

  54. ktanjatk

    Entered Mud Bug’s Playskool Giveaway

  55. ktanjatk

    Entered Mud Bug’s Frecklebox Personalized Gifts Giveaway

  56. ktanjatk

    Entered Mud Bug’s See Kai Run Giveaway

  57. ktanjatk

    Entered Mud Bug’s Thomas the Train Giveaway

  58. it’s pressure safe so if you apply to much pressure it stops automatically so it doesn’t hurt you or your lashes

  59. i entered the bomb mom tee giveaway

  60. entered the cover your assets giveaway

  61. entered the good golly miss blondie’s casio camera giveaway

  62. entered for the sedu/solia giveaway at the mud blog

  63. amanda

    i learned that the buy 1 get 1 free offer is only available online, not in stores

  64. amanda

    i subscribe to the email–entry 1

  65. amanda

    i subscribe to the email-entry 2

  66. amanda

    i subscribe to the email–entry 3

  67. amanda

    faved at technorati entry 1

  68. amanda

    faved at tech. entry 2

  69. amanda

    faved at tech. entry 3

  70. amanda

    i entered the weeds contest

  71. holly

    I learned that it prvents clunmping

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