Relaxing Bath Ideas

Relaxing Bath Ideas

Relaxing Bath Ideas

What could be more relaxing after a hard day, than a delicious soak in a hot bath? It will help you to wind down ready for a peaceful night’s sleep, help to relieve tense muscles, and can even lower your blood pressure. With a few little touches, you can make sure that your bathtime experience is blissful. We hope that you love this post on how to take the perfect bath. We hope that this Relaxing Bath Ideas post inspires you. 

Relaxing Bath Ideas

Relaxing Bath Ideas

Create a cozy cocoon

Start by making preparing your bathroom for the moment you step out of the tub. Unless you’re in a hot climate, turn up the heating and warm the room before you even start to run the water – this will help in stay hot for longer and give you more time to wallow. If you have a radiator or heated towel rack in the bathroom, place the fluffy towels you're going to use, as well as your bathrobe on it, so you won’t feel a chill when you emerge from the water.

Scented candles

Your bath time should be a sensuous experience, so, 10 minutes or so before you begin your ritual, ensure the air is laden with the perfume from a delicious scented candle. There are so many to choose from- go for all-natural products, rather than synthetic scents, as these will have the most powerful beneficial effects.  Choose a relaxing aroma such as chamomile or lavender, or go for something heavier and more exotic such as ylang-ylang, amber or frankincense. And of course, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t combine a few of your favorites to create a fragrance that is yours and yours alone.

Lighting to create atmosphere

To create the right ambiance to know how to take the perfect bath, you need the right lighting. For total relaxation, it may be that candlelight will be perfect. Restful for the eyes, especially after a day spent glued to the screens, the soft glow will help ease away eye strain and prepare you for a restful night’s sleep. On the other hand, if you’re someone who likes to lose yourself in your favorite book while you soak, candlelight won’t be enough. Consider installing specialized bathroom lighting over the tub, so you can enjoy reading in peace and privacy, no matter what time of day or night.

Enrich the water

Continue to create the feeling of luxury by adding your favorite bath products to the hot water before you enter.  Use two or three scented bath fizzies, full of natural ingredients, and enjoy the feeling as they bubble away while nourishing your skin at the same time. Or, be generous with the bubble bath, to feel like a Hollywood movie star.  For a more Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile vibe, bathe in milk- well, in bath milk!  And for the ultimate in moisturizing for your skin, add a few drops of bath oil, so that when you emerge, your skin will already have the texture of silk.

Sink into a Pillow

As you want to feel relaxed in your bath, what could be more restful than adding a special waterproof bath pillow for you to lean back on? Eyes closed, and all the tension will fade from the muscles of your face and neck. This practical and inexpensive bathtime accessory can add that extra touch of comfort and ease.

Drift away with wonderful music

To be truly blissful, your bathtime has to appeal to all your senses. We’ve covered touch, sight, and smell, so there are only two left. Let’s start with hearing. No matter what style of music you prefer, some gentle relaxing sounds in the background can help to let your mind drift away from the cares of the day. If you prefer, choose tracks with the sounds of nature such as birdsong, or even heavy rainfall to take you away from the everyday.

Bathtime should taste good

The last of the senses is still important- the sense of taste. Make sure you have some of your favorite treats close at hand –  luxury chocolates are always a delicious choice. To drink, either a glass of cool clean water, perhaps with slices of lemon, a cup of chamomile, or your favorite wine or cocktail.  For special occasions, it has to be champagne of course.

Give your skin a treat

Finally, when you’re bath is over, step out and wrap yourself into a huge, warm, fluffy towel to get dry. While your skin is still warm and glowing, finish off your ritual by massaging it with your favorite perfumed body cream or lotion.

We hope that this Relaxing Bath Ideas post inspires you. Enjoy your bath!

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