Sony TDG-BR250/B Rechargeable 3D Adult Glasses in Black

Sony Rechargeable 3D Adult Glasses

Sony TDG-BR250/B Rechargeable 3D Adult Glasses are black with a comfortable design. The glasses, for use on 2010 Sony 3D Bravia ready flat panel TV’s, have great color accuracy and a high contrast clear image. They also have a lightweight design with active shutter for 3D viewing. They are sturdy and flexible and can be worn over prescription glasses.


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They are also lightweight for wearing for long periods at a time weighing in at only 2.1 ounces and are 6 7/8x 1 ¾ x 7 3/8 inches in size. They have a wraparound design to keep the light out and they also block the light from around the room by making a clear wide viewing angle by cutting out ambient room light. They have adjustable frames and will fit almost all adults in the family The glasses come in a storage pouch for when they are not in use.

The TDG-BR250/B Adult Glasses have a quick recharge time with lithium- ion built in batteries as fast as 3 minutes for long viewing times. They have an auto standby feature that is energy efficient. They can last up to 3 hours after recharging and can also be recharged for 30 minutes allowing for a full charge. When they are fully charged the glasses can be used for around 30 hours straight.

They use a micro USB cable that connects to the TV and is included with the glasses. They operate by receiving infrared signals from 3D Sync transmitters. The glasses operate from the IR sensor which works when infrared ray signals from the 3D Sync transmitter is emitted. The Sony TDG-BR250 3D Adult Glasses turns off after 5 minutes of no IR signal. They can be used with HDMI connected 3D sources such as Play station, satellite receiver or Blu-Ray disc player.

Product Features

  • Excellent color accuracy and high contrast
  • Wide viewing angle for flexible sitting
  • Stylish, ergonomic design for high comfort
  • Fits comfortably while wearing glasses
  • Seamless synchronization for a clear precise image

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