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Nokia Lumia 1020 Review

Lumia 1020 4A few years ago, I had the opportunity to work closely with Nokia and the Windows phone that they were introducing, the Lumia 900. I developed a series of posts about Social Media on the Go, Cooking with Technology, Me Time: Escape to the Park and Family Fun: Chronicling Our Lives. I really got to work closely with the Windows Phone team to develop an intimate understanding of the phone and it fit perfectly in my life. In fact, I also filmed an entire series of webisodes around the phone.

Alas when my time was over, I didn't end up keeping the phone because my entire family is on the Sprint network and there is not a Windows phone on Sprint that can compare to the quality of the Nokia Lumia phone. I ended up with an iPhone.

Fast forward a few years and at least a thousand hours of frustration (with the iPhone) later, I got the opportunity to work with Nokia again. This time it was on a cruise to Alaska and unlimited time to play with the Nokia Lumia 1020.

Mobile phone users reliant on their phone cameras cannot do better than the Nokia Lumina 1020, with a 41 mp main camera, HD video, and distortion free stereo audio.

The less than six ounce phone utilizes Qualcomm's Snapdragon S4 Dual-core 1.5 Ghz Processor to run its Windows Phone 8 OS.Finnish telecom Nokia rolled the phone out to the market in mid 2013, and it received a firmware update in 2014 with tweaks and added features. Voice and data services are able to utilize most available networks.

Lumia 1020 2


The 1020 features a 4.5 inch display with Super Sensitive Touch, and Clear Black / OLED display technology.


The non-removable 3.8 V battery is rated at 12.5 hours talk time on 3G networks, 6.8 hours video playback, 53 hours of music playback, and a 16 standby time.


The phone is outfitted with 2 MB ram and 32 MB mass memory; purchasers receive 7 GM of free cloud storage via Microsoft's OneDrive. A port for micro SIM card is included.

Lumia 1020 3CAMERA

The best embedded camera on the phone market today, the 41 mp main camera incorporates a Zeiss lens and Xenon flash. Zoom and low light shots are natural. A secondary camera boasts 1280 X 960 p resolution.


Gear included in the box with the phone includes an AC Charger, data cable, wrist strap and SIM door key.

Apps include virtually every conceivable process or usage thought of to date, from productivity and entertainment software, to GPS and Here Drive+, City Maps, Lens, and Transit. Sharing apps make posting to social media a one click process.


Accessories available for the Nokia 1020 include a variety of compatible wireless headphones and speakers, as well as exclusive Nokia Treasure Tags that allow you to track and locate up to four personal possessions with the included app.

A smartphone with all of the latest apps, that can be your communication, personal entertainment, superb photo and video recording device, the Nokia 1020 has very few negatives. Users that have been carrying a phone and digital camera along with them will love combining the two into one unit. The phone is available out of the box in three different colors, but a host of shells and cases enable users to truly personalize the unit.

Lumia 1020 1


Several reviews have mentioned how large the camera is. I actually didn't find it that obtrusive at all. In fact, after the first day I forgot about it. The phone is so visually appealing and incredibly easy to use. Several reviews mentioned the learning curve when coming from other operating systems but I didn't experience that at all. Perhaps that is because I used one years ago but I actually find this interface to be among the easiest to use out there.

My mother picked it right up and was able to do pretty much everything on it. And if she can do it, I am pretty certain that most people can.

The only con I can find is that it is not on the Sprint network.


CNET gives it 4 out of 5 stars:The Nokia Lumia 1020 smartphone's camera captures extremely high-resolution images with fine detail, and puts creative controls at your fingertips…avid mobile photographers will love the Nokia Lumia 1020's exact controls.”

Engadget says: “the Lumia 1020 is the best Windows Phone device to date. If you're a WP8 user who enjoys crafting the best possible photographs, you need to make the jump, even if you are paying a premium for the camera.”

The Verge called it: “The cameraphone to end all cameraphones.”

Tech Radar said: “the apps and tiles have cool animations, too, when you're opening or closing them or watching your notifications.”


I took all of these pictures with the Lumia 1020.

Lumia 1020 Picture FlowerLumia 1020 Picture Garden  Lumia 1020 Picture Alaska5 Lumia 1020 Picture Alaska4 Lumia 1020 Picture Alaska3 Lumia 1020 Picture Alaska2 Lumia 1020 Picture Alaska

A Lumia 1020 was provided for review and my family was hosted on a cruise to Alaska.

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  1. I like the size of it and it looks like it takes really awesome pictures. I will have to keep this in mind for when my cell contract is up next year.

  2. I love this phone. Honestly, my biggest issue was with apps, but they add more every day and now you can get apps that may not be the exact app, but do the same thing. The camera on this phone is amazeballs!

  3. I just switched phones a year ago (I think today’s my phone anniversary.) I’ve been back and forth between different operating systems. I love the camera on this phone. It has a lot of great features!

  4. I actually looked at these phones at Best Buy. I love, love my iPhone and have had it since the first one. They take great pics and there are so many apps. I take food photos for my websites and sometimes I hate dealing with the dslr camera. I hate dragging it around with me, too. It would be nice if I had phone that took the best quality photos possible. I have looked at a few different phones. Not sure. Maybe just a smaller, more moder dslr would suit me, too.

  5. I was so close to buying a windows phone last year. Never took the jump, but may soon!

  6. The photos are stunning. My iPhone is on the fritz so it’s nice to see reviews of other cell phones on the market!

  7. Looks like it takes amazing pics! I’ve thought about getting one of these, just for the pictures alone!

  8. Catherine S

    Sounds like a great phone and the pictures are all amazing. I will keep this in mind next time I am looking for a new phone.

  9. Pam

    I love the look of this phone. More importantly, I love those photos! Such an improvement over the phone camera that I’m using right now…

  10. deb

    Those photos are amazing. Hard to believe they came from a camera phone. I might have to rethink my apple upgrade for a Lumia 🙂

  11. This sounds like a really nice phone. Those certainly are some really great pictures. That’s a nice camera.

  12. Wow that is a pretty amazing phone and camera. I had no idea that Nokia made phones – just cameras!

  13. What a great looking phone! I love the pictures. It’s hard to believe they came from a camera!

  14. It takes beautiful pictures! It’s time to upgrade my phone so I’ll be looking at some that are not iphones.

  15. A good camera in the phone is a must for me, since I always have my phone handy. It looks like you got some great shots with yours. I will definitely consider the Nokia Lumia for my next phone purchase!

  16. veronica

    Looks like a really cool phone. I still love my iPhone, but I am willing to consider one of these

  17. Rosey

    Those pictures are fantastic! I like the case too, the yellow choice is super festive.

  18. I want one just for the camera. Is it unreasonable to have two cell phones ? lol

  19. WOW! The photos that you took with it are breathtaking! Going on a cruise is definitely a photo opportunity too good to pass up.

  20. Wow! It looks like it takes awesome pictures! I’m actually looking for a new phone. I need to check this one out!

  21. I LOVE this phone! Your photos are amazing too! Impressive that a phone has a camera that good! Really important with this blogging gig! 😉

  22. I love when you have a phone that can substitute for a camera. This clearly can do that!

  23. Love the look of this phone! Has all the features I want too. Time for an upgrade!

  24. I love the Nokia Lumia. This one looks awesome. Love the pictures.

  25. Beautiful! what a great way to test out a new phone!

  26. I followed along with your pictures and they were amazing. If I weren’t on Sprint as well, I would truly consider it.

  27. Great quality photo’s what a plus. I’ve been considering getting a new phone, thanks for letting me know about this one!

  28. Nokia has always been known as a highly functional phone with great features (especially the camera). It’s a shame that we’re so focused on the iPhone or Samsung in the US. I used to have an N95 and loved it for so so long ….i would live this new phone as well.

  29. Wow, those pictures are amazing! My iPhone doesn’t take anything like that – although it could be the photographer rather than the camera!

  30. that is amazing, hard to belive how thin it is and what great photos it takes

  31. This looks like a great phone and it takes beautiful photos too! I am in need of a new cell phone and may have to consider this one!

  32. I’m really impressed with the battery life on this Nokia. I have an iPhone and my battery life is terrible. I feel like this phone blows mine out of the water! It also has some other impressive features.

  33. That takes amazing pictures! A good camera is actually the most important feature for me because I rarely have my phone AND a camera on me so sometimes it’s the only way to capture memories!

  34. I love the yellow color. Looks like it takes some really great pictures!

  35. I wanted to try this camera and phone out. My aunt got one and said she loves it.

  36. Pam

    I saw this phone the other day and loved it. It has such a great camera.

  37. I’m all about a smartphone with a killer camera! I take photos with my phone more than my DSLR!

  38. That phone does take amazing pictures. I am very impressed with the competitive features.

  39. This is a great looking camera! My husband needs a new one, I am going to take a look at that.

  40. Tonya C

    I’m such an iPhone girl, but lately I’ve been seeing some really cool features on other phones like the Lumia. Makes it harder to stay loyal.

  41. Sounds like a great phone. Definitely takes nice bright crisp photo’s!

  42. Eliz Frank

    My first cellphone was a Nokia and I still love the brand. This one sounds very good and takes amazing photos’ plus the yellow cover is very cute.

  43. Definitely new phone time for me! I really like this phone!

  44. Ok NOW I’m jealous. I have been wanting one of these, but I can’t get one through my carrier, so I had to say goodbye to Windows and head back to an Android. (I had the Lumia 910… I think that was it…and loved it, just hated the camera.)

  45. I can’t recall the last time I had a Nokia phone. I know they’re pretty good but I’m in love with my Galaxy S5. I always see these amazing photos these cameras take and when I get them my pictures look no where as good.

  46. This sounds like an awesome phone and it takes some great photos too.

  47. Oh my gosh, thank you for this! I use an iPhone simply because my dance and yoga classes require me to download music so regularly. However, I have been very interested in checking out the Windows phone, and Nokia has always been my favorite. This could be a win-win.

  48. Oh my goodness, you went to Alaska to take photos too!!!!! What fun! Looks like a great phone! Your photos are amazing.

  49. Taralyn

    An excellent camera is definitely a must!

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