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DIY Father’s Day Tie Wrapped Picture Frame

DIY Father's Day Tie Wrapped Picture Frame

DIY Father's Day Tie Wrapped Picture Frame

Gift giving is no easy feat. What do you give to the man who raised you or to the father of your children that can truly signify how much they mean to you? I take my gift giving seriously and in fact, I spend a lot of time researching then buying a present that I know the recipient will love. The cards are just as important as the gift. I search for cards that really share my emotions. I often spend 20 minutes looking at cards while in the store. I read and read until finding just the right card. We hope that you love this DIY Father's Day Tie Wrapped Picture Frame.

There are times instead of buying a gift, we plan to make something instead. Father's Day seems to be the holiday where this happens most. I had some inspiration while at a thrift store recently. I saw a lot of men's ties available and wondered what I could do with them. I had just purchased the frames from Target along with a few Father's Day cards. A few coordinating ties to round out my supplies and we were ready to create something fun.

DIY Father's Day Tie Wrapped Picture Frame



  1. Remove glass, paper and cardboard from frame. Set aside. Next take apart your picture frames. You need to cut the back off of each frame which is that black velvet part. This will give you the room to wrap the ties.
  2. Cut the tags off of your ties and pick two to use for the first frame.
  3. Glue the side strip of where you intend to begin wrapping. Let the glue dry for about a minute so it is tacky. Begin wrapping the tie diagonally. This works best if you cut the tie in half. We used the entire tie for the first frame and then cut the ties in half for the second frame which was much easier.
  4. Wrap one side at a time and then hold for 2-3 minutes so it dries. You will want to pull and stretch when wrapping to get your ties in the right place. Glue the end of your wrap to the back side of the frame. We used chip clips to hold the tie fabric in place. Take this to arrange everything and make certain that all of the frame is covered.
  5. Wrap the second side the exact same way. At this point, you should be using the second half of the tie. Note in our picture that we had a triangle shaped hole after we wrapped the first tie. We cut a small triangle of fabric off of the back of the tie and glued it on.
  6. Wrap the second tie the same way. We used clips to hold all four corners where we glued the tie on the back. Once your frame is dry (we waited overnight), add your favorite pictures and give as a gift.

What makes this such a fun DIY is that mistakes are totally ok. This is a kids project using old ties so never worry if a mistake is made. We used too much glue in one part. Simply wait for it dry and then use a dry toothbrush to brush off of the ties. We hope that you are inspired by this DIY Father's Day Tie Wrapped Picture Frame. Happy crafting!

See the DIY Father's Day Tie Wrapped Picture Frame video

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  1. What a clever idea for a Father’d Day gift! It would be very cheap to make and I know my husband would love it!

  2. What an awesome idea for a Father’s Day gift! What dad doesn’t have dozens of ties laying around? None that I know. This is such a fun thing that kids can make themselves.

  3. What a cute idea for Father’s Day. We still haven’t thought of a gift for my husband. He’d love this.

  4. What a cool way to reuse a tie and make Dad a gift he will really love!! Great idea!!

  5. This is such a neat idea! I love that it’s something my boys can help make too. That makes it extra special!

  6. This is the perfect idea for dads that don’t wear ties but kids always seem to want to buy them for them anyway. My husband does not wear a tie but we love them and now we can still buy him some!

  7. Interesting take on the traditional give dad a tie Fathers Day present. Cute idea! Looks like something that kids can really get their hands around doing to provide a nice personalized gift from them.

  8. What a cute way to use up old ties! I know we have some extras laying around the house.

  9. I think this is a much better idea than just buying a tie by itself. I don’t know many dads who use ties that often anyways.

  10. Jilly Spellman

    That came out so cute! I have been trying to think of something cool the boys could make their dad and we will have to try this.

  11. Oh my goodness that is such a cute idea, what an amazing thing to be able to give to your Dad as well.

  12. This is an adorable craft! Growing up, my stepdad had hundreds of ties, literally. He was always donating them to the church and Goodwill, and those places had too many ties. I made a skirt out of them once, that turned out pretty cool, but this idea is much easier to make and I think a lot of little kids would be proud to give this picture frame to their dad for Father’s Day. It would make a great preschool project, almost every guy has spare ties laying around.

  13. adriana

    This is SO adorable! What an amazing idea and craft for the kiddos to make. I love this – I bet all dads would love getting this as a gift!

  14. This is a cool idea. My husband doesn’t wear ties but it would be easy to find one that is inexpensive at Goodwill or a garage sale. I should make this for my dad.

  15. This is a cute and creative gift idea. I need to decide what the kids and I are going to get the Mister.

    I appreciate a good DIY.

  16. What a precious DIY idea! I love when gifts are homemade rather than store-bought, because they hold so much more meaning!

  17. Jennifer Van Huss

    That is such a great gift idea for DAd! My husband wears ties to work everyday. After a while the ties are retired because they are worn out! This would be a great idea to shrine his favourite ties!

  18. I like it! It’s an awesome idea and one that the kids can definitely make with you! The result is awesome, I love how it turned out and dad would really appreciate a gift like this.

  19. What an adorable DIY. My kids keep asking me what we are making Daddy for Father’s Day and I have no clue. This is such a great idea!

  20. This is a great idea! Such a great recycling project and a perfect gift, too!

  21. This is neat and I love the mixing of tie patterns so it can be creative and unique. Thanks for sharing. – yolonda

  22. That is such a cute idea! I never thought about using a tie to wrap a picture frame with.

  23. Aww this is so cute! I will help my kids to do this. Im sure their father will love this.

  24. How creative is this! My husband does not wear tie very often so most of ties are new. I should get one and make it a frame like this.

  25. I love this idea! It’s perfect to add a little personal touch to an already great and sentimental gift! I need to pass this on to my sister she’d love to make this for her SO with pictures of their kids!

  26. I love this idea! what a creative way to give dad a tie for father’s day!

  27. I love this! What a unique way to give the classic Father’s Day tie. You are a crafty smarty pants!

  28. TColeman

    This is such an adorable idea for Father’s Day! I will have to do this with my kids.

  29. I recently got a box of my Grandfathers ties. I did not know what to do with them but this looks like a perfect idea. They were old and had a few stains here and there so not “wearable” but would look amazing on some picture frames! Thanks for the idea!

  30. Danielle

    This is such a cute idea. Takes the typical tie gift and makes it so much better. My boyfriend doesn’t wear ties often, but even he’d love this.

  31. Sinisa

    Very cool and creative. DIY isn’t my thing but I wish I was creative. Thanks for sharing 

  32. This is a super cute and creative idea. It’s easy to make and could be easily changed to suit favorite colors or even room decor.

  33. Great idea! It’s different but something a man would like. Thanks 

  34. What a fun way to repurpose a tie! Super cute and creative Father’s Day idea!

  35. Michelle Cantu

    What a cute idea. My husband owns tons of ties that he doesn’t wear. My kids will love this project.

  36. This is such an awesome idea! I think I am going to try it because my daughter is going to make a card for her dad. He can keep this in his office.

  37. Victoria Heckstall

    What a brilliant ideas! This is totally easy and unique a gift this coming Father’s Day.

  38. For the past few years, I’ve said that if I never see another tie for Father’s Day, it will be too soon, but THIS is a great Father’s Day “tie”. I love it.

  39. Jenn

    What an adorable idea. My husband has so many ties that he never wears. I bet I can make some of these without him noticing that any are missing. LOL!

  40. natalie z

    This is so clever! My husband was a suit and tie guy for 10 years. Now that he is not we have a lot of extra ties around the house!

  41. Cyn

    This is such a cute idea for Father’s Day but here’s what I’m going to do with it. I have my dad’s old ties (he is deceased). I’ve been saving them for years until I could figure out some great idea to make with them and then share them with my siblings. This is it. I’ll make the frames and then put a photo of our dad in them and present them to my brother and sister. Thank you.

  42. What a great DIY Father’s Day gift idea! And so personal if you use dad’s used ties!

  43. What a sweet idea! Although not exactly Father’s Day related, my grandfather passed away a few years ago, and I would love to create something like this for my mom using a photo of the two of them and his old ties.

  44. I saw you posted this on Facebook and I just had to see the full tutorial! I love how simple it was to make. My hubby doesn’t wear ties, but I’m sure I could find some second-hand ties to create this wrapped picture frame.

  45. This is a great idea for a Father’s Day gift. A tie is a classic gift but this is a fun way to gift it.

  46. sara

    This is a really cute idea for Father’s Day! I totally think my daughter could do this by herself.

  47. This is such a cute idea! My son loves to do fun crafts, and he would love to be able to make something for Dad. We will have to make some of these for Father’s Day!

  48. Jeanine

    What! How clever is this? This is awesome. What a good idea. My husband doesn’t wear ties but this would be really appreciated by him because its such a manly/dad frame. I love it!

  49. That is an awesome idea! Dad has enough ties he doesn’t wear, so this is a great way to repurpose it!

  50. Handmade gifts are the best! This would be a great way for us to pump new life into some of my hubby’s old ties!

  51. That is cute and cool. It would make a great Father’s Day present from the kids. I think hand made gifts like this really show that you love someone.

  52. I love Father’s day ideas! This would be so nice.

  53. I can imagine the kids pulling this DIY off especially since they’re a bit older. I think it’s a lovely gift for dads and a great way to make them feel special.

  54. This is a nice gift on Father’s Day! I like that it’s also very easy to make. I definitely like the idea especially if you can make it with the kids. DIY gifts are the best!

  55. My Teen Guide

    This is such an adorable gift for Father’s day. I love that it is inexpensive, using old neck ties to decorate a picture frame. The kids would love to help with this craft.

  56. Jennifer

    This is such an adorable craft idea for Father’s Day. I need to make something like this. I think even my Father would love it.

  57. Annemarie LeBlanc

    Awesome idea. I am sure any dad’s heart would melt once he sees this. My kids are all grown up for crafts like this but I will surely send this post over to my cousin. She’s got three little girls that would love making this craft for their dad.

  58. Now this is a cute and easy DIY fathers day gift. I am sure its overused to just give your dad a tie for this day but to put it in a frame is more creative!

  59. What a fun idea for a homemade fathers day gift. I’m sure you had a blast making it. I would do something like this for my grandpa. He always loved the personal homemade gifts.

  60. Angela Milnes

    This absolutely looks an awesome and creative idea this would be perfect gift to my hubby

  61. Rosie

    What a cute idea! I’ve made fabric covered frames before, and people love them as gifts. A good way to use a tie – hopefully not Dad’s favorite!!!

  62. great comeback! When my father retired he had quite a number of items my brother and I made years ago as children displayed in his office. We commented one day about them. He said they were priceless. Almost a year ago he passed away. Remembering his pride in these items is truly priceless! Keep up your great work, and know you are creating priceless memories for more than one generation. Best wishes! April

  63. What a fun idea for a homemade fathers day gift. I’m sure you had a blast making it. I would do something like this for my grandpa. He always loved the personal homemade gifts.

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