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Shout Trigger Stain Remover Review

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I have three children in my household and a husband. As a result, we have a lot of stains and go through a ton of laundry.

My oldest is a 9 year old and while I probably don't need to say more, I will. The kid has never used a napkin besides his pants or shorts. Not sure why. He knows napkins exist yet he just prefers to use his pants or shorts instead. I am constantly trying to get stains out of his clothes.

My middle child is surprisingly easy on her clothes although I do need to remove the occasional stain.

My youngest child is 5 and we just call her Messy Marvin. She can get dirty walking the 10 feet from the house to the car and we have no clue how that happens. Short of getting to her to wear dark colors all of the time so stains don't show, she is high maintenance. There is a lot of stain removal needed for her clothing.

The husband and I have occasional stains from things like food but mostly the stains are from kids with dirty hands touching our clothing. This happens a lot in the shoulder area.

Next to every hamper in our house, we have a bottle of some type of spray stain remover. However, now I have replaced them all with Shout® Trigger.


Shout® Trigger is a triple-acting formula that clings to stains, penetrates them and then lifts them away.  It comes in a trigger dispenser that is both convenient and easy to use.

Shout® Trigger is safe for all of your colorfast washables and works well in all water temperatures.

Shout® Trigger is perfect for anyone who wants convenient, easy stain removal. This product saves you time and money by getting stains out the first time plus you don't have to replace clothes.

You can purchase Shout® Trigger at Walmart! Go get yours today!

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  1. shelly peterson

    I have four kids, several of them are older but my 9 year old boy does the same thing as your 9 year old, wipes his hands on his clothes no matter how many time I tell him to use a napkin. He has literally had a complete grease hand print on his shirt. I love Shout, I have used it for many many years and don’t plan on changing it up. I have tried a couple other products through the years but always end up sticking with Shout

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