Shop Boys Summer Clothing at Kohls Durable Quality Clothes
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Shop Boys Summer Clothing at Kohls

Shop Boys Summer Clothing at #Kohls #playproofThanks to Kohl's for sponsoring this Shop Boys Summer Clothing at Kohl's #playproof post. 

Shop Boys Summer Clothing at Kohls #playproof

Summer is almost here and while we cannot wait, we needed to do some clothes shopping. For boys clothing, we went straight to Kohl's because I knew that I could find durable clothing at great prices. With boys, you never know how long the clothing will last so I have to look for brands known for quality.

Shop Boys Summer Clothing at #Kohls #playproofBoys Clothing at Kohl's

You can find some great clothing brands for boys and the entire family at Kohl's like Jumping Beans, Sonoma, Nike, Under Armour, Adidas, Disney and more.

Shop Boys Summer Clothing at #Kohls #playproof Shop Boys Summer Clothing at #Kohls #playproofShop Boys Summer Clothing at #Kohls #playproofShop Boys Summer Clothing at #Kohls #playproofPictured above are the Under Armour Jump Box Logo Tee and the Under Armour Interval Printed Athletic Shorts. Check out those bright colors? Aren't they great?

Shop Boys Summer Clothing at #Kohls #playproof Shop Boys Summer Clothing at #Kohls #playproof Shop Boys Summer Clothing at #Kohls #playproofThe bright blue of the Under Armour Logo Graphic Tee above easily made this my favorite shirt out of all of them.

Shop Boys Summer Clothing at #Kohls #playproof Shop Boys Summer Clothing at #Kohls #playproof Shop Boys Summer Clothing at #Kohls #playproofPictured above are the Jumping Beans® Paw Patrol Chase “Be Brave” Heathered Graphic Tee with these Jumping Beans® Solid Shorts. What I especially love about this brand is that the clothes are tough and really made with little boys in mind. Check out this stitching:

Shop Boys Summer Clothing at #Kohls #playproofI have every confidence that no matters who wears these clothes, they will last. I like to know that I am getting value for my money and the Jumping Beans® brand definitely provides durable, quality clothing. Boys everywhere can play harder because mom's know that this clothing will last.

Clothes for Mom at Kohl's

Moving on to mom, I bet you didn't know that you can get all of your workout clothing at Kohl's? I love their selection and got these Women's Gaiam Om Yoga Moisture-Wicking Capri Leggings in black. They are so comfortable and make the perfect everyday pants to run errands or work at home. I paired them with this adorable Women's Tek Gear® High Neck Pocket Tank in a beautiful blue. The cotton is super comfortable that gets even softer after each wash.

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Thanks to Kohl's for sponsoring this Shop Boys Summer Clothing at Kohl's #playproof post. 

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  1. I loved that Jumping Beans T-shirt. It is cool.

  2. robin rue

    A good portion of my boys clothing is from Kohl’s. They have some seriously cute stuff there.

  3. What some awesome looking clothes from Kohl’s it sounds like they have something for every activity as well.

  4. It’s awesome that there are so many choices at Kohl’s! I think these clothes are absolutely adorable! They’re going to enjoy wearing these out for sure.

  5. Those are super nice especially for the summer! The clothes look really adorable and the boys seem to find it comfy as well.

  6. Dawn McAlexander

    He is a cute one! I love his outfits! I have to say that I have been wanting to visit Kohl’s for a while now to shop, but I just haven’t found the opportunity. They seem like they would have some great deals on clothes.

  7. Brianne

    These are excellent choices, I have to get there for my son! I’m loving the new fashions! 

  8. Kohl’s really is a nice store. I love their variability and selection of brands.
    This outfit looks awesome in your pictures.

  9. I love the Under Armour shirt and the Paw Patrol one! We shop at Kohls a lot! 

  10. Jeanine

    How adorable! I went to Kohls once when i crossed the border and i was obsessed. So many awesome items over there. I cant wait to go back!

  11. I need that Paw Patrol shirt in my size, Laugh, I love Paw Patrol. I ALWAYS forget about Kohl’s when I’m shopping for clothes, I guess because it’s not as close to me as the local mall is. I need to remember to look there more often. They always have good deals every time I’ve gone inside.

  12. Jennifer

    Kohls is seriously one of our go to places for clothing PERIOD. These look like awesome kids clothes.

  13. Rosey

    So many cute looks. We always head to Kohl’s first! 🙂

  14. I love Kohl’s. These little boy clothes are cute.

  15. Those are really cute! I’ve never shopped for clothing for my son at Kohl’s before but it’s definitely some place I should check out. That Under Armour shirt is something he would really like.

  16. TColeman

    The clothing that they sell at Kohls is definitely durable. We love to go and see what they have every so often.

  17. They really do have some cute stuff! Great choices. It’s definitely a good time to go pick up some summer gear.

  18. Kohl’s is definitely the “go to” place for our clothing. The prices are great and there is a huge selection every time we shop there.

  19. Claudia Krusch

    Kohl’s has the best selection of clothes for the whole family. The kids clothes are so durable.

  20. These are great outfits. I will have to check out Kohl’s for some new summer clothes for the kids.

  21. Danielle

    We love Kohls! I can’t even tell you how much of my kids’ wardrobes have come from there. We need to do some summer shopping so there’s a good chance we’ll be heading to Kohls soon.

  22. Amy Desrosiers

    I love to buy my son clothes from Kohl’s too. The Under Armour shirts this little boy has on are super cute and perfect for my five year old.

  23. I hate to admit how much I spend at Kohl’s each year, LOL. It is my first stop for the whole family for clothes and shoes.

  24. Amy Desrosiers

    I am also going to need to head to Kohls before school starts to get my son some clothes. He needs a full wardrobe for kindergarten.

  25. Mary Edwards

    I love the quality of Kohls clothing for my kids. They LAST all school year. And the prices are great too

  26. reesa

    Those are some cute outfits! My son would love them too, they look comfortable! I need a trip to Kohl’s!

  27. Kohls is my #1 place to shop for the kids. They would especially love that Paw Patrol Tee!

  28. Sinisa

    My wife loves kohl. Especially their cash rewards. I love their styles.

  29. I love the clothing, thanks for sharing, I’ll need the sirts and shorts this summer for my kids.

  30. This post is right on time. I need to get the boy some summer clothes. Thanks for the discount codes as well.

  31. Dogvills

    I have to get my daughter a Paw Patrol shirt. OMG, she’s going to love that! Kohl’s is the place to shop for kids’ clothes. There is always something nice to buy from their store, and the good thing is that the kids love it!

  32. Jennifer Van Huss

    We don’t have Kohls in Canada. Whenever I am in the States, I always make a point of shopping there! They have great quality clothing!

  33. What a cute curly haired kiddo! He is quite the little model! Tell him he did great work! Kohls is a wonderful place to shop. I do often!

  34. Under Armour and Paw Patrol, you can’t go wrong with those at any age! Kohl’s is such a great place to find deals on clothes, as well as summer essentials like sun glasses and hats.

  35. Oh this clothes looks great for summer. We dont have a Kohl’s here in the Philippines but how i wish their is so i can buy one of this.

  36. We shop at Khol’s for most of the kids clothing. They have such great quality and the prices fit into my budget.

  37. What a cutie! We love to shop at Kohl’s for the whole family. Their kids clothes are always adorable.

  38. We love shopping at Kohl’s! It’s one of my go-to stores when it comes to clothes shopping!

  39. I absolutely love Kohl’s!!! I shop there all the time

  40. Kohl’s surely does have some cool clothes for boys this summer. It’s one on my favorite stores to shop for my family. I’ll have to stop by this weekend.

  41. Those clothes are cute but that model … handsome. I think Kohl’s should hire him to show off their kid’s clothing. – yolonda

  42. wow beautiful t shirt, lovely color. love it.

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