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Super Swimwear for Boys

Super Swimwear for Boys

Super Swimwear for Boys

Tea Collection Squeaky Beach Rash Guard – $35.50

Squeaky Beach in Victoria got its name because the sand actually squeaks when you walk on it! The sand is tiny rounded grains of quartz that make noise when stood on. This rash guard is great for little beach goers.

Tea Collection Gold Coast Rash Guard – $29.50

The Gold Coast is Queensland's most popular seaside city. With loads of sun, surf, dining, nightlife, arts and other fun things to do, it's very exciting to experience. Classic stripes and golden colors make this rash guard a popular pick, too.

Tea Collection Coogee Rash Guard – $35.50

Coogee Beach is a surfside town in Sydney. Classic stripes in oceanic colors make this rash guard a must-have.

Tea Collection Shima Rash Guard – $35.00

Shima is a Japanese boy's name that means “island dweller.” With classic stripes in hues of blue and UPF 40 protection, this rash guard is swimming in style.

Tea Collection Moon Jelly Swim Trunks – $35.50

Moon jelly is a type of jellyfish that can be found in the waters of Australia. In a sea of swimwear, these trunks really stand out.

Tea Collection Wobbegong Swim Trunks – $35.50

Wobbegong is the common name for several species of sharks who live in the waters of Australia. Their coloring helps them hide at the bottom of the ocean floor where they stay most of the time until they hunt at night.

Tea Collection Snapper Rocks Swim Trunks – $35.50

You can find some of the longest waves in the world at Snapper Rocks on Queensland's Gold Coast. The pattern on these swell swim trunks is inspired by some of these wondrous waves.

Tea Collection Yanagi Swim Trunks – $35.00

Yanagi means “willow” in Japanese. These sea-worthy swim trunks feature a print inspired by the art and design of traditional Japanese textiles.

Tea Collection Ulladulla Swim Trunks – $35.50

Ulladulla is a fishing-focused down in East South Wales. Part of its port and fishing community's tradition is to hold a festival every year for blessing the fleet.

Tea Collection Daintree Swim Trunks – $35.50

Daintree is the name of a tropical rainforest along the northeast coast of Queensland. The fantastic foliage featured on these swim trunks is the elephant ear philodendron, one of the many plants that grow here.

Tea Collection Noosa Swim Trunks – $35.50

The coastal town of Noosa in Queensland is a surfer's dream. It's one of the best places to catch some serious waves, and it even holds an annual surfing festival for surfers all over the world to come and enjoy the waters.

Tea Collection Tallow Beach Swim Trunks – $35.50

Tallow Beach is a sandy stretch of land in Byron Bay. With laid back vibes and some spectacular coastal views, it's a great spot for both relaxing and exploring. These surfboard-printed trunks depict some of the popular pastimes in the area.

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