5 Ways to Make Laundry Easier Clean Clothing Tide Downy

5 Ways to Make Laundry Easier

5 Ways to Make Laundry Easier

This 5 Ways to Make Laundry Easier post is sponsored by Tide and Downy at Walmart.

5 Ways to Make Laundry Easier

Let's face it, the majority of us would never say that laundry is something we love to do. Or something that we like to do. Laundry, in fact, is something that many of us dread. I know that I used to dread laundry but over the years, we have turned our old school laundry methods into something else. Now we’ve learned some “new school” methods and products that help save time, money and make laundry easier. We hope you enjoy learning 5 Ways to Make Laundry Easier. 

5 Ways to Make Laundry Easier

1. Pre-treat stains.

This seems like such a no-brainer but did you know that if you treat a stain immediately, the chances of it coming out are much greater? Even if you don't get to them immediately, get them before you wash them for easier removal.

2. Get a divided hamper.

The beauty of a divided hamper is that you pre-sort your clothes before even thinking about washing them, which makes it a breeze to grab a load of whites or brights and put them right into the washer.

3. Get the kids involved.

Delegate those laundry chores and let others help. Kids pretty much over the age of three can help sort socks and fold clothes. I let the older kids put items on hangers. This greatly reduces the amount of time we spend on laundry.

4. Clean your washer and dryer.

Did you know that you can make your dryer more efficient? Cleaning that lint trap after each load of laundry ensures that your dryer is not a fire hazard and improves efficiency. Clean your washer every few months to remove any residue buildup that might end up on your clothes or cause unpleasant odors.

5. Use the right products.

Forget the liquid alone; there’s a new school way to do your laundry with a fresh regimen from Tide and Downy. Using the right products is the key to easier laundry. The products we use are Tide and Downy  we get from our local Walmart.

5 Ways to Make Laundry EasierMeet the New School Laundry Lineup


Tide PODS are small, powerful and highly concentrated 3-in-1 pacs containing detergent, stain remover and brightener. In one convenient step, Tide PODS let you easily clean, brighten and fight stains in the wash every time you do laundry. These innovative PODS feature a multi-chamber design that separates key ingredients until they hit the wash which provides maximum cleaning power. The PODS also clean as well as six doses of the leading bargain brand liquid detergent.

Tide PODS work with both standard & HE machines and they dissolve in any water temperature which means you save money by extending the life of your clothes with cold water. No measuring. No pouring. Simply pop the Tide PODS pac right into the drum of your washing machine before adding your clothes. Tide PODS are a new school way to do your laundry in an efficient way.

Downy Protect & Refresh Liquid Fabric Conditioner

Downy Protect & Refresh Liquid Fabric Conditioner locks out bad odors, giving clothes in-wear protection from offensive odors all day long while smoothing out and strengthening fibers to protect your clothes from stretching, fading and fuzzing. Plus, the ingredients are activated throughout the day to bind and neutralize odor molecules –  it’s just like deodorant for your clothes.

Add Downy to your fabric softener reservoir (drawer or center of agitator). For top-loaders, you can also add directly to your washer drum during the rinse cycle or use the Downy Ball if you don’t feel like waiting around for the rinse to begin.

Downy Fresh Protect Scent Boosting Beads

I am such a huge fan of scent boosting beads because they really complement my detergent by neutralizing odors and providing a boost of scent to laundry. I love scent because it makes me feel like my clothes are so clean. Downy Fresh Protect beads are motion activated and provide 24-hour odor neutralization and freshness, keeping clothes smelling fresh all day long.

Beads should be placed in the drum of the washing machine with your detergent pac prior to adding clothes. Use a little or a lot – a full cap provides the maximum odor protection and scent boost. Downy Fresh Protect beads are safe to use with all clothing colors and fabrics any time you need an extra boost of fresh Downy scent.

Downy Dryer Sheets

Downy dryer sheets complete the laundry regimen by controlling static, preventing wrinkles, softening and providing long-lasting freshness. Simply toss a dryer sheet into every load you dry.

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Head to a Walmart location below on Sunday, June 4, 2017 to grab your free samples of Tide PODS and Downy plus high value coupons. Look for the New School Laundry giveaway booth in the store from 1-6pm EST.

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Buy Tide & Downy at Walmart

You can Learn more and purchase these products at your nearest Walmart store or at https://www.walmart.com/NewSchoolLaundry.

This 5 Ways to Make Laundry Easier post is sponsored by Tide and Downy at Walmart.

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