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Share a cup and a story this Veteran’s Day

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of The Folger Coffee Company. The opinions and text are all mine.


Did you know that our nation has over 22 million veterans? Veterans are woven into the fabric of our nation. They are our fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles and neighbors. There is no better time to thank these heroes than Veterans Day.

However, Veterans Day is more than just another bank holiday or a day off from school. This is a day to remember, to be observed with meaning and to recognize and participate in the communities we are a part of. It is important to celebrate Veterans Day. It is important to come to know and understand the importance of veterans as citizens of our country, and the world. #ThankAVet by DAVMy father is retired from the Army and we traveled around to several places before we settled in Atlanta, Georgia. We moved to many different places in various parts of the country including Hawaii. My upbringing included a lot of travel for sure. Being a part of the military comes with sacrifices and stressful situations, but it builds positive relationships and pride. folgers-3Every time I speak with my father, I learn something new about his military experiences. I am so proud that my father is a veteran and that he served our country for so long. I cannot think of anything more suited for him as a career. He was very good at what he did and was promoted many times. He is also a graduate of the prestigious Army War College. I loved growing up as part of a military family and I am truly thankful for all of the support that we received. I believe that serving your country in the military is one of the most noble things that you can do. folgers-4I have a lot of respect for those who serve our country in any capacity. I know from my experience with my father that all military members make some pretty big sacrifices. Many of them are in very high pressure situations on a daily basis. With Veterans Day approaching, I think that it is important that my family show respect and appreciation for those who served our country. We make certain that our children know what Veterans Day is and why we celebrate such an important day. Folgers wanted me to encourage you to share stories about a Veteran in your life, as a way to saying thank you.

folgers-9Folgers and Walmart's “Share a Cup & a Story” Program

Now you can join the Walmart's Folgers Share a Cup & a Story program:

folgers-7Get Folgers at Walmart

Now you can get Folgers products at Walmart in the coffee aisle. Walmart is your place to shop for Folgers coffee. Folgers is interested in enriching the Veteran Experience and showing gratitude beyond a simple thanks. Folgers and Walmart have the opportunity to inspire shoppers to go beyond the customary “thank you” by engaging veterans in the local community and encouraging meaningful moments that bring people together. Listening to and spending time with a veteran is something that anyone can and should do to really say thank you. Check out Folgers and Walmart's veterans page.

folgers-8How will you thank a veteran this Veterans Day?

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  1. Your dad sounds like an amazing person! There is nothing better than sitting down to a cup of coffee and a story or two!!

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