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Are you in the market for a new hosting company? offers dedicated web hosting designed to offer a total network solution for your business.

Finding reliable hosting can be one of the most frustrating things as a business owner. I know this first hand. I had to switch hosting services about a year ago.

I switched from a major company who advertises all of the time because they provided zero customer service. I had several problems that I was not able to ever get resolved and my site was hacked repeatedly. Until I switched.

Setup was also a huge problem with this company. Their system was incredibly hard to navigate and it was very hard to get my blog up and running the first time. Adding blogs was becoming a problem as well. It was definitely time for a new host.

With my previous company, every month or so I would get messages that I was reaching my bandwidth capacity when I had signed up for unlimited bandwidth. Although this was a glitch in their system, it was really a pain to get worked out.

ServerClub offers a traffic plan with unlimited bandwidth which should give your business peace of mind. They also offer setup service that is instant. You can be up and running in no time.

If server hosting is what you are looking for and the best server hardware, then consider today!

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  1. ellen

    I have seen tons of bloggers complain about specific companies servers- and can only imagine the frustration if you were an active blog as yours is. I know youre brand ambassador for several companies, and if you had reviews to do, it would be a pain- glad to see you found one you liked!

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