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Seizing the Day at the Triathlon

Double Dog Dare

My kids are fairly competitive. They are seven and nine.

Three years ago that my son participated in his first triathlon. I say participated because he was just trying it out to see if he liked it. He wasn’t looking to place and didn’t even consider it a competition but he loved it!

His sister (five at the time) was too young to participate but watched from the sidelines telling me frequently, “I can do that” or “I am much faster than that kid.” She just wanted to be out there.

For the 7-9 age group, the kids run 500 yards, swim 50 yards and bike 1 mile. They don’t stop moving the second they jump in the pool until they cross the finish line as a runner.

I stress the importance of finishing something that you start. The timing doesn’t concern me as much as quitting. If you start something, I wholeheartedly believe that you should finish it. I try every day to instill this same value in my children.


The triathlon was last weekend. My kids made a bet with each other. The first one to finish would have to clean the others room for a month.

What is different about this year is that my son aged up meaning that he would compete at a different level.  He would run a mile, bike 4 miles and swim 100 yards.

On triathlon day, they pinkie-promised in the morning that the winner would have a clean room courtesy of the other kid. As my son ran off, he yelled to my daughter, “I double dog dare you to try to beat me. I know you can’t.”  A challenge was issued.

They both competed at different times but the event is timed for each kid as they were a timing chip strapped to their ankles. My son quickly finished and came over to cheer on his sister.


At the end of the day, we checked the times and I was completely amazed. They were within seconds of each other. Seriously.

Then my kids did something really amazing that almost brought me to tears. My son and daughter said they didn’t want to know. They were proud of themselves for competing and finishing. They said that they would both clean each other’s rooms.

I have some great kids. They are fiercely competitive, adventurous and they seize every day with such vitality that even I am jealous occasionally. I am proud of these kids.

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  1. Audrey - Mom Generations

    OMG, I just teared up at the end.
    Your kids are a reflection of how wonderful you are as a mom.
    Thank you for sharing this, such a beautiful post.

  2. How awesome! I love that they did it together!

  3. Aww that is so sweet! What a great testament to great kids and awesome parenting. Good job!

  4. First of all, your kids are adorable. What is even more adorable is that they didn’t want to know who won! They are such little sweethearts!

  5. I would love to do something like this with my kids. WOW

  6. Melissa chapman

    When your kids do something like that you feel like you are doing something right as a parent!!

  7. What an awesome story. I love that you presented it as something to teach them about finishing what they started it sounds like they really learned a valuable lesson while still having lots of fun with each other.

  8. Shana Dieli

    Your kids are so awesome Stacie! What great sportsmanship they showed.

  9. An active and healthy family is my wish for all – and the fact that the kids didn’t need to know the results = the best!!!

  10. That is so amazing – a couple of WONDERFUL children. 🙂

  11. Kimberly

    Aww…That is so sweet! I almost got choked up at the end. I love that they decided to toss their wager aside, realizing that they are both winners for just trying their best. I didn’t even know that they had triathlons for kids!

  12. Sports really can bring out the best in kids. Love this story.

  13. They could both beat the pants off of me. I’m not sure I could swim 50 yards if I wanted to. It’s so awesome to see kids being competitive and still being good sports about winning pr losing or finishing at all.

  14. Love that picture!! Oh what amazing memories they made!

  15. Katherine G

    That is so awesome!!! What a great sibling moment.

  16. I love how your kids treated the end of the race. What a wonderful tribute to both them and YOU!

  17. I love that your kids took on the challenge of a triathlon, but I love the result even better. Nice job, mom!!

  18. What amazing kids you have! So incredibly sweet!!

  19. Oh my friend – I cannot tell you how much I LOVE the love between your small people… what a gift! It is so obvious they are learning such beautiful lessons from YOU! Treasure it! xoxo

  20. Your kids sound like amazing little people, the kind we really need in this world. A credit to you, I’m sure you are very proud. I’m having my 3 boys read this story – thanks!

  21. OMGosh I totally have tears in my eyes. How sweet!

  22. Aww I love this! I bet it will be such a cool memory for them to share and chat about when they are older too!

  23. Amazing how kids put on this tough act and are really mush inside for their siblings – I grow warm inside when my kids show each other love.. and then I blink and they are fighting again.

  24. That’s adorable! I love that they are getting this experience so young.

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