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Secret Style Suite at BlogHer 2011

A few weeks ago I was at Blogher 2011. This was my third time at Blogher but this was a little different.

This year I applied for a makeover in the Secret Style Suite at Blogher. Read my story here:

Why I Want to WIN a Secret Style session at #Blogher11 From @momsfashionfile

I explained a little about the rut I am stuck in. I wear a uniform of black yoga pants. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Without fail. I may change the color of the shirt but the chances are if you see me more than once a week, I probably always look the same.

This has been how I operated for years. I hate it but I don't know how to change.

I was thrilled to have been chosen as one of bloggers getting a makeover in the Secret Style Suite. I was granted access:

BEFORE MAKEOVER DAY: There were questionnaires. There were pictures. Several assignments to turn in so they could match us with brands and stylists on the big day.

MAKEOVER DAY: Full instructions were provided. I was given my assignment. Told when and where to show up. I was nervous and had no idea what to expect. Clothes always fit me a little strange so I was not terribly optimistic although I was hopeful.

I could not have had a better experience. From the moment they told me they wanted to put me in this:

I knew that everything would work out well. I was familiar with Kiyonna but had never worn them before. I was very excited to see that the clothing choices were done especially for me.

I love this dress. Kiyonna clothing is so well made and really looks great on. I seriously could have taken every Kiyonna dress they had there and would have honestly worn them until they were threadbare. That is how much I love this brand.

The makeup. The hair. I was taken care of from the moment I walked in the door and I left feeling amazing.

THE PARTY: I was a little nervous about walking on the runway but other than that, this evening was nothing short of amazing. The party was packed and the people were beautiful.



Savvy Sassy Moms 

Sassy Mom Chicago



Andrea Fellman and Nicole Feliciano  for putting this entire thing together. Jo-Lynne from Musings of a Housewife and Kate from The Shopping Mama for helping me coordinate the day and keeping me on track.

My hair was styled by San Diego’s hottest salon Detour Salon courtesy of Plum District

My make-up was done by Tia Dantzler courtesy of Johnson’s Baby

Plum District
Johnson's Baby and Tia Dantzler
Ciao Bella
Windows Phone
Detour Salon
Lands End
Yummy Tummy
Dr Scholls
Namaste handbags
Scotch Naturals


@plumdistrict, @ciaobellagelato, @windowsphone, @tropicanaOJ #Trop50 @stokeebaby @tiadantzler @detoursalonsd, @LOFT, @Kiyonna @namasteinc, @scotchnaturals, @landsendpr, #BALI intimates

Thanks so much to everyone for making me feel like I princess. I received several gifts in the Secret Style Suite from the brands listed above. I had a fabulous time and when the clock struck midnight, I didn't quite turn back into a pumpkin so it was all totally worth it! 
ME at the end of the night as taken by the fabulous Mommy Niri:

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  1. This may make me attend Blogher next year. Looks like a great event.

  2. I love your dress and everything about your look! You really look great.

  3. I wish that I would have been there. Next year. And you look great!!

  4. Jen B

    You look wonderful and this looks like a great party!!

  5. Elaine L. {But Why Mommy}

    I just went to the Kiyonna website and bought myself a dress. The same one you are wearing but in a different color so I am not too Single White Female though. LOL

    You look nice. I love a good makeover.

  6. You looked beautiful, my friend.

  7. Leigh

    Not sure that I have seen you at a party before but you look really great! I love your dress and your makeup a lot.

  8. AnnaB

    Oh man I love this kind of stuff. I could use a makeover and love seeing what they did with you.

  9. Henry H, {Writer}

    My wife would probably kill me for saying this (she reads your blog, too) but you are very attractive.

  10. TTB

    Cool party. Nice place. Everyone looks great.

  11. NancyB

    WOW! You are adorable and look amazing. I hope that you had a great night. I love your blog.

  12. Kate Brooks

    I would love this dress and you are really rocking it!!!!!!!

  13. JMFC

    Well you know I think that you look amazing. I always do. That is why I married you. Glad that you enjoyed this.

  14. Dawn

    I always love seeing you all dressed up with some place great to go. Glad you had fun, friend.

  15. This was a fabulous evening and it was very fun to see you all dressed up.

  16. What an amazing evening with good friends!

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