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SeaWorld Orlando Florida

SeaWorld Orlando is one of our favorite places to visit. My family has probably been to SeaWorld no less than 10 times.

Due to the many shows and walk-through attractions, Sea World's crowds are pretty manageable. Saturdays tends to be the parks most crowded day, but any other day of the week is a great day to visit. Everything at Sea World you can enjoy at your leisure. Some shows fill up 10-15 minutes before show time. Sea World is one place where you can sit at the top row and still get a good view of all the action.

Believe: The Spectacular Shamu Show

Believe is a captivating and visually stunning show. It blends music choreography and state of the art multimedia with the killer whales behaviors. It’s a very inspirational show that helps the park visitors see the bond and communication between the trainers and killer whales. Spectators will be in awe after witnessing the killer whales new behaviors, and their bond and eagerness to follow the trainers’ directions.

Dolphins Cove

Dolphins and humans have a relationship that can be dated as far back as Ancient Greece. So with this long interspecies relationship, it’s only an obvious choice to have them at Sea World. At Dolphin Cove, park visitors can enjoy feeding these intelligent, fun loving creatures. Of course there is a small fee, and feeding times are at specified times during the day.

Visitors can also head over to Sea World Orlando’s dolphin nursery, too visit the newest members of the Sea World family. Be sure to bring a camera, because the cute, little dolphin calves are always practicing their jumping, and playing with each other.

Stingray Lagoon

Stingray Lagoon is on few locations in the world that is dedicated exclusively to stingrays. At Sea World, in Orlando, Florida, there are over 200 of them swimming around in their exclusive habitat. Despite their name, they are very docile creatures, and visitors are more than welcomed to pet and feed them.

Shark Encounter

Shark Encounter enable’s park visitors to ‘walk’ among the sharks. Visitors enter a 60 foot tunnel, made of clear acrylic panels and the moving floor. Visitors can view many types of sharks from the tunnel.

Blue Horizon’s

Blue Horizon’s is Sea World Orlando’s newest show. It is said to be a break through theatrical spectacular. The show contains stunt actors, acrobatic dolphins and beautiful colorful birds.

Wild Arctic

Wild Arctic is the place to go to come face to face with walruses, beluga whales, and of course Sea World Orlando’s two most famous polar bears, Klondike and Snow. Florida’s two most famous polar bears feel at home in their habitat, which boasts half-inch thick walls of ice.

Journey to Atlantis

The Journey to Atlantis, is a water ride full of twist and turns, and a lot of water. Riders board a Greek fishing vessel, and then they’re off onta a darrk adventure into the unknown to find Atlantis.


The mighty Kraken is Orlando’s tallest, fastest, and only floorless steel roller coaster.

Shamu's Happy Harbor

If the Monsterous Kraken roller coaster is too scary for you, head on over too Shamu’s Happy Harbor. Shamu’s Happy Harbor consists of many fun rides. Shamu Express is a child friendly roller coaster, with “shamu-themed” cars. Of course the younger visitors are always delighted too see Sea Carousel, it’s a sea creature-themed carousel. Let the little ones will scream in delight as the ride “Swishy Fishy’, or any of the other rides in Shamu’s Happy Harbor.


The 400-foot tall Skytower has been a park icon since opening in 1973. The six minute capsule ride gives you a view of the entire park and parts of downtown Orlando.

Manta-Fly Now

Manta-Fly Now is a coaster that was inspired by great manta rays. Thrill seekers fly face down, at 60 mph, on the belly of a manta shaped coaster.

Sharks Underwater Grill

One of the places to eat, is the Sharks Underwater Grill. It is definitely like no other place you have eaten, because you will be dining with the sharks. If you want a seat at this restraunt, stop by at 10 am, and make a reservation with the hostess.

This was just a partial list of the shows, sites, rides and attractions available at Sea World Orlando. A trip to this park would be far from disappointing.

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