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The Why And How Of Travelling – Here Is What You Need To Know

The Why And How Of Travelling – Here Is What You Need To Know

The Covid-19 pandemic changed our lives forever. We are now more concerned about our health than ever. But the lockdown also made us stay inside our homes for a couple of years and this is not good for our mental health. Mother nature has evolved us as a specie that travels and discovers things. It is in our nature but still, people are confined in front of a screen spending 12 hours every day just for a job that they do not even like.

Some people may have had plans to travel but due to the lockdown and SOPs, their plans got canceled and now they cannot find a good reason to replan and travel to their favorite destination. Well, first of all, you do not need a reason to travel, and second, there are plenty if you want them.

For a start, you can just fly into Vancouver and stay there for a while. It will be great to have a changing environment around and you might meet new people. This helps with taking your mind off some of the stress you were facing back home and also give you some time to think and rethink before making a big life decision.

Read This First

Before getting into the reasons why you should travel and how you can travel around the world without having to worry about your job or expenses, you need to know that traveling is part of human nature and this urge to change places and travel to other regions has been incorporated in our genes. Do you wonder why is that?

Nature could have let us live in the same place for our whole lives but No, it pushes us to travel. This is because, with traveling, humans evolve more rapidly and live in some of the harshest weather conditions and this makes him more strong both physically and mentally.

This also helped mother nature to have human diversity as when someone visits another place, there are chances he might settle there and have kids with women of that region. This is a great way to have diversity in the genetics pool.

Here is why you should travel often=

Mental Health

Travelling makes a man happier and relieves stress. You might not believe it but most millennials are depressed nowadays because they don't travel. Traveling alone makes a man stronger both mentally and physically.

Camping alone in the woods or traveling to remote places gives you a different perspective of the world and you also get to have a lot of time to think about your personality, your relations, and your career, and also helps you to make life-changing decisions.

If you are feeling stressed or feeling stuck in life, it is better to get a Cathay Pacific ticket and fly to a new place and stay there for a week. Sometimes, all we need is a change in the outside environment to settle our inner peace. For instance, book a place to stay in one of the hotels near Georgia Aquarium, find some great things to do in Atlanta, and just give yourself a few days to let off some steam.

Physical Health

Traveling to various places around the world introduces you to new weather conditions, and different foods and every region has different water contents, these all make you healthy by promoting your immunity and make you adjust to changing weather conditions.

If you live your whole life in the same city, you will never know what different seasons are out there and your body obviously will never know how to survive in such weather conditions. You have to expose yourself to some harsh weather to enjoy the normal conditions.

Solo camping, hiking, trekking, or rafting across a river, all make you stronger and physically fit. These things require immense physical activity and good heart conditions.

How To Travel Without Having To Worry About Job?

There are many different ways you can earn while traveling, some of them are given below.

Home Based Job

Companies are now hiring people to work from home because this has proved to be more productive and less expensive for them. You can ask your boss to allow you to work from home or seek a new remote job. With this you can just take your laptop anywhere around the world, keeping up with the office work along with your trips and travels.

Freelancing, Amazon, Shopify

You can start freelancing for which all you need is your laptop. You can take it anywhere and work anytime anywhere you want. You can also start an Amazon store and start Amazon FBA wholesale. This is one of the most profitable self-employed businesses right now and people are making a lot of money from it.

Blogs, Vlogs, Content

You can start your travel blog, or you can have your own YouTube channel. Make videos of whatever the places you visit and write about them in your blogs. People are making a lot of money from travel vlogs and the affiliate marketing that comes with them. Brands will send you stuff that you might need when traveling and pay you for advertising.

Travelling Jobs

There are certain jobs like private nurses, teal estate agents, motivational speakers, or trucking that allow you to travel around the country for work. If you are good at any of them, these traveling jobs are best for you. You might not get to choose where you want to go but you will be on the move all the time. If you love traveling, this is a great career to have.

Above mentioned career choices are not the only ones available, there are hundreds of other career paths that enable you to travel around the world.

Final Thoughts

When you travel frequently, you never know who you will meet, what skills you will pick up, or what new views you will uncover. The options are limitless.

Even though we are social creatures of the same species, our geographical location influences the activities of society based on cultural and political rules.

Although it may be difficult if you don't get enough rest in between trips, consider the big picture and all the benefits you may get if you do it right. You may realize that spending a significant amount of time traveling and working away from home is exactly what you require at this point in yo

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