Sears Days – Best Time to Buy National Event Shopping

Sears Days – Best Time to Buy National Event

Sears Days – Best Time to Buy National Event

The Sears Days – Best Time to Buy National Event is from March 26 to April 8 where discounts and deals will be offered in every department, online and in-store. Plus, members of Sears’ Shop Your Way loyalty program will have the chance to amplify points accrual during the sale, also online and in-store. Nicole Lapin, author, TV personality and personal finance expert is helping to promote Sears Days, and emphasize the benefit of loyalty programs and money-saving tips.

This is the best time for Sears shoppers to buy because Shop Your Way members can save more cash and earn even more Shop Your Way points to spend on their next purchase. For the first time, Sears is offering shoppers an even deeper value with even more rewards points than years prior. In addition to amazing sale prices storewide, members will also earn Shop Your Way points to use on future purchases.

Shopping Tips from Nicole Lapin

1. If your favorite retailer offers a free loyalty rewards program, join it! It might seem very Captain Obvious, but you can’t enjoy the perks if you’re not a member of the club. Free rewards programs are the best way to ensure you’re first in line for merchandise exclusives and savings (which is especially helpful when you're looking to buy those bigger household items).

Programs like the Sears’ Shop Your Way program give back at least 1% in points value with each purchase, plus surprise points throughout the year. It’s like discovering free money in your wallet!

2. Celebrate the shopping “holidays.” Sales happen all the time – but not all sales are created equal. Plan out your shopping spree like a boss by recognizing the best time to buy. This not only saves you money, but can double or even triple your points value. If you're itching to get some spring shopping done, make sure to mark your calendar for Sears Days March 26 to April 8.

Discounts and deals will be offered in every department, from appliances to spring fashion & more. Plus, Shop Your Way members can earn more rewards during the event!

3. When it comes to points, use them or lose them. Points are like vacation days – you’ve earned them, so use them! People lose out on thousands of dollars each year in unredeemed loyalty points. With the Sears’ Shop Your Way program, the points are linked to your account and can be used anytime, on any purchase. It’s a no-brainer.

4. You should choose your reward; not the other way around. A retail loyalty program is only as good as its perks, so you might as well join one that rewards you where you actually shop, right? The Sears Shop Your Way marketplace lets you earn qualifying points not only at Sears, Kmart and Sears Auto Center, but also with such partners as Uber, Groupon, Hilton and hundred  more!

5. Take advantage of deals online and in-store. With life moving so fast, sometimes it's hard to plan whether or not you'll get a chance to stop by a store. Since Sears offers seamless integration between the in-store, mobile and online shopping experiences, you know you’re getting the best deal whether you're logged in or stopping by in person.

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This Sears Days – Best Time to Buy National Event 3/26-4/8 #SearsDays is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sears.

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  1. Thank you for this. To be honest, I often forget about Sears unless shopping for tools with the husband, or a few other items like that. Yet, when I do go to Sears for those items, I always find wonderful products in the other areas, They have darling clothing, great fashion accessories, and so many other areas of the store I always enjoy. I need to get to our local Sears and check out these deals!

  2. We don’t really have any Sears in our area. I love shopping reward programs and earning points and coupons.

  3. Ohh thank you so much for this, it is really good to know when the best time to shop at stores is to help get the best deals.

  4. We’ve gotten some of the best appliances at Sears. I think we got our fridge there, but I want to get an upgraded fridge with that middle pull out compartment for the kids snacks.

  5. I remember SEARS DAYS and how much fun they were! Such great sales and it’s nice to see that it continues to go on even these days.

  6. We don’t have Sears here. I love shopping with rewards. It makes me feel that I have saved a lot of money when using my points to shop.

  7. The Sears in our area have closed out last year and now KMart just closed too, it is sad since I like shopping with them. Going to the store is different than buying online.

  8. My Teen Guide

    i love shopping reward points program! too bad we dont have sears in our country! lol that’s a very good deal!

  9. Victorial Heckstall

    too bad we dont have sears near my city!! tthat was an awesome deal!

  10. I love the Sears shopping reward programs. If you plan on making large appliance purchases you can really make a good return.

  11. Kathy

    I love shopping at Sears. They always have some great items. I also love the rewards program as well.

  12. duly noted! I’ll have to remember this info so I can shop at the best times and save as much as possible… thanks for the tips : )

  13. I love Sears Day! I’ve been taking advantage of their savings event for years. It’s one of the best times of the year to save.

  14. Sears Days is my jam! You can score some awesome deals, and if you’re already a Shop Your Way member like me, you can throw those points on top of it and it’s BIG TIME SAVINGS.

  15. Well, I don’t think I’ll be seeing my hubby during Sears Days. He LOVES shopping at Sears and collecting those Shop Your Way points for an excuse to come back and buy more lol.

  16. We will have to check this out over Easter break. We are away in suburbia for the Easter break with my family, and I know they have a Sears near them!

  17. I am in LOVE with Sears. My husband and I feel good deals especially with their coupons, every time we go in there.

  18. I’m going to have to take a look at some of the deals they offer. It could be time to do some upgrading in our home!

  19. Pam

    We shop at Sears quite a bit. Our grill and our Christmas tree are both from Sear’s.

  20. This may not sound like a smart question but is the royalty rewards card a credit card? Of is it just a points card like the one you get from walgreens and/or supermarkets?

  21. ellen beck

    We have a Sears here and LOVE it. Ours has been a cornerstone store in the oldest mall- in fact they built the mall around it. We go there all the time. Hubby loves the Craftsman tools and the guarantee. He also loves their reconditioned room- this store even has reconditioned tools and appliances. You can find terrific deals. We have been Sears customers for years.

  22. We don’t have a Sears store that is close but my sister has one near her place. I would let her know about this (unless she already knows). I will make sure we drop by the Sears store when we visit my sister sometime soon.

  23. Dogvills

    Shopping reward is really the best! This is a great post and advised. Awesome!

  24. Lucky us we have Sears here in the city. I sure will take note of the dates. I’m not going to miss those great savings for the world. 🙂

  25. Great tips! I love Sears Day!! Definitely getting these great deals!!

  26. Jeanine

    I love sears. We shop there often, so this is awesome. I will have to jot down these dates and remember to get there!

  27. I didnt know there was a Sears Day, My mom is a huge Sears fan and lots of her appliance are from there so I will make her aware of the upcoming sales. s

  28. I have used Sears for so many big purchases over the years especially housewares and hardware. I really should get into the program of Shop Your Way and consider the Mastercard.

  29. I love ina small town but one store we do have loacllybis a sears! Looks like I will have to head on over there and check out the deals

  30. rika

    Great tips.. i haven’t shopped at Sears for years now… i have to check out the sale!

  31. mami2jcn

    My husband loves Sears’ hardware department.

  32. We have a few Sears around us but I have totally forgot about the rewards program! I do buy stuff from the store especially their tools. I really need to remember the rewords program

  33. robin Rue

    I have a few things I need, so I think I will make it a point to head to Sears. Sounds like a good time to shop.

  34. Sears Days is awesome! I’m a Shop Your Way member, and I always take full advantage of that coupled with Sears Days.

  35. Amy Desrosiers

    I just got some mega deals at my local Sears. I even have another $11 in points to use…love shopping here.

  36. Sears has a great loyalty program. I didn’t know you could use at more than just Sears.

  37. This sounds amazing. I don’t know why I haven’t signed up for their loyalty program yet.

  38. I love Sears. I miss having one right down the street from me.

  39. Several Sears stores have closed in my area, so I tend to forget I can purchase from them online. These deals sound like a great way to remind me.

  40. This sounds like a fantastic event. I love to shop at Sears. They have a great selection for the whole family.

  41. I love Sears when they have their events. You always find great deals especially for the Spring/Summer time. I managed to get a deal on a grill one year.

  42. Jennifer G

    Who doesn’t now sears!? What an amazing place to shop. Great prices, amazing buys… can’t wait to go again… love this event.

  43. We love Sears- they’re still our go to for major appliances!

  44. These are some really great tips for getting good bargains. I really love Sears Days. I’ve gotten some great deals during them in the past.

  45. This is amazing, great shopping tips! Bookmarking this!! Thank you for sharing!

  46. Susan Christy

    I found some cute clothes at Sears this winter.

  47. Kelly D

    I like to buy clothing for my kids at Sears.

  48. This is a great event to take advantage with all my Shop Your Way points I have accumulated!

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